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WishList Member – Manage Members Overview

manage members

You have access to a variety of useful options and settings when using WishList Member to manage members in your site. A single member can be viewed and managed or a group of members can be bulk edited all at once. A number of these options are touched on below including links to more in-depth information throughout the article and at the bottom of the article (including a Video Tutorial).

The Members > Manage section of WishList Member is a good place to start. This is where you can add new members, edit existing member accounts, grant or revoke access and more with ease.

Manage Members - WishList Member

Members List Views

The first thing you will notice is a list of members with identifying information displayed. This includes their username, email address, any assigned membership levels, etc.

This provides you with an overview of the members in your site at a quick glance. You can control the appearance of the members list by using the Table View icons on the top right of the Members > Manage section. The available views are Minimal, Collapsed and Expanded.

An indicator showing the number of members to display per page will appear on the top right in any list view. You can click the number indicator if you want to display more or less members per page on the list. If there are more members than the set number, pagination will be used to show the members on pages you can scroll through.

You can show up to 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 members on a page. Selecting “Show All” will display all members in a list on one page.

The screenshot example below shows the members list with Collapsed view selected. This allows you to see the assigned membership levels for the members.

Manage Members - List View

You can click the arrow icon when in Collapsed view to expand and see the individual membership level information for a member.

Manage Members - List View

Using the Expanded view allows you to see all the membership level details for all the members all at once.

Manage Members - List View

The Minimal view shows the list of members and hides the membership level information. You can use the arrow icon to view individual membership level information for any member on the list.

Manage Members - List View

Manually Add a New Member

You can add a new member using the green Plus icon on the top left of the Members > Manage section in WishList Member.

Manage Members - Add a New Member

The New Member popup will appear and you can fill in the fields accordingly. Once you click the Save button, a new member will be created. This can all be done in only a few seconds.

Manage Members - Add a New Member

More Details Available: Manually Add a New Member to Your Membership Site

Edit an Existing Member

Editing an existing member is also a quick process. You can simply click their username or the Edit (pencil) icon that will appear when mousing over the member on the Members list.

Manage Members - Edit an Existing Member

The Edit Member popup will appear and you can view or edit any of the available fields in each of the tabs. Once you click the Save button, any edits will be applied. This allows you to make quick edits to a member account at any time.

Manage Members - Edit an Existing Member

More Details Available: Edit an Existing Member

The search bar can be used to look up any members based on typical search criteria like name, email address, status, membership levels and more. There is also an Advanced Search that gives you even more flexibility to find a member (or groups of members) and to also save specific searches so you can easily run them again in the future.

Manage Members - Search for Members

Clicking on the Advanced Search button will display the Advanced Search popup. You can select the desired fields to customize your search based on exactly what you are wanting to find.

Manage Members - Advanced Search

The “Save this search” checkbox can be used to save your specific search criteria and you can run that specific search again with one click in the Saved Searches tab in the future.

Search for Members

The screenshot below shows how the Saved Searches tab appears in the Advanced Search popup.

Search for Members

More Details Available: Member Searches (including Saved Searches)

Edit Members in Bulk (Multiple Members at Once)

The ability for you to edit multiple members at once means a quicker process when you want to apply the same settings to more than one member at a time. This saves you clicks and time.

All you need to do is select each member using the checkboxes to the left of their names and then use the “Select an Action” dropdown to apply the action to all the selected members.

The example below shows three members selected using the checkboxes and the “Select an Action” dropdown being used to choose the action to apply. You can add multiple members to a level, remove them from a level, cancel them from a level, and more.

Edit Members in Bulk

More Details Available: Editing Members in Bulk

Membership Level Status (Active, Inactive, Cancelled, etc.)

Members can have different statuses when it comes to the membership level(s) assigned to them. A member may have the Gold level assigned to them with the status set to Active. This means they have access to any Gold content since the level is Active on their account.

But another member may also have the Gold level assigned to them but their status is set to Cancelled. In that case, they cannot access Gold content because the level is Cancelled on their account.

The screenshot below shows a member with four levels assigned to their account. They have an Active status for the Platinum, Bronze and Silver levels and a Cancelled status for the Gold level. The green icon with the check indicates an Active status while the red icon with the x indicates a Cancelled status.

Manage Members - Member Status

Mousing over a status icon will also display a text box stating the status.

Member Status

More Details Available: Member Level Status

More Details on Specific Member Settings

There are a number of settings mentioned in the above Knowledge base entry and available to you in the Members > Manage section of WishList Member. These are addressed in more details in the articles mentioned below.

  • Manually Add a New Member to your siteMore Details
  • Search for a specific Member or group of Members (including a Saved Search)More Details
  • Edit an Existing MemberMore Details
  • Edit Members in Bulk (multiple Members at once)More Details
  • Membership Level Status (Active, Inactive, etc.)More Details

Manage Members Overview Video Tutorial

WishList Member Quick Start Guide Series

This article is part of the WishList Member Quick Start Guide series. You can use the links below to jump to any of the steps within the guide.

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