Member Level Status

When a member registers for a membership level, depending on the settings for that particular level, a number of statuses could apply to that particular level for the member. For example, if a member registers to a level that requires admin approval, until their membership to that level is approved by an admin, that member would have a status of “Needs Approval” for that level.

You can view the level status for any member in the Members > Manage section in WishList Member.

You’ll see a list of the level(s) assigned to each member. An icon appears beside each level to indicate the level status for that member. You can hover over any icon to see the level status appear.

As a quick note, levels will be shown when viewing the Members list in Collapsed or Exampled view. (Levels are not shown in Minimal view).

The screenshot example below shows the Members list in Collapsed view and a member with Active status for the Gold level.

Below is a list of the level status options:

  • Active. A member has an active status for the membership level. Their membership is not pending for any reason (doesn’t requires admin approval, email confirmation, etc). This means the member can access any content assigned to that level.
  • Inactive. A member has an inactive status for the membership level. This means the member cannot access any content assigned to that level.
  • Cancelled. A member has a cancelled status for a membership level. A level can be cancelled manually or cancelled automatically if the level is integrated with a payment provider and a payment fails.
  • Expired. A membership level that has an expiration option enabled and the member has met the criteria for the level to expire. For example, the level is set to expire for members 7 days after registration and the member registered 9 days ago.
  • Unconfirmed. A membership level that requires email confirmation from the member and the member has not yet confirmed their registration.
  • Needs Approval. A membership level that requires admin approval and the site admin has not yet approved the member registration for that level.
  • Sequential Upgrade Stopped. A membership level that has a Sequential Upgrade enabled but the member has stopped continuing through the upgrade process.
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