Installing WishList Member

Install WishList Member

The WishList Member plugin can be easily installed onto a WordPress site with a few quick steps. All you need is your WishList Member zip file and license key and you're all set.

We will provide all the details below (including a Video Tutorial).

Download and Install the WishList Member Plugin

You were sent an email when you purchased WishList Member and it includes your download link and license key. You can also download WishList Member and get your license key at any time in the Downloads section of the Customer Center.

Install WishList Member

Once you download WishList Member, it will appear on your computer as a zip file. It will mostly likely be in your Downloads folder. You can do a quick search for wishlist-member in your computer files if you have any issues finding it. (More info on locating a downloaded file on your computer can be found here.)

Install WishList Member

You can now head over to the WordPress Plugins > Add New section and use the Browse button to locate the WishList Member zip file on your computer.

All you need to do next is select WishList Member from your files and click the Open button.

Install WishList Member

You can click the Install Now button and WordPress will install WishList Member for you in a few seconds.

Once the plugin is installed, you can click the Activate Plugin button.

Install WishList Member

Activate Your WishList Member License

The WishList Member plugin is now installed and activated so you can complete the process by activating your license key on the WishList Member Dashboard. You can do that by clicking WishList Member in the WordPress menu.

You can now paste your license key into the corresponding field and click the Save & Continue button.

Install WishList Member

You are now all set. You will be directed to the WishList Member Dashboard where you will see WishList Member has been installed and activated.

You can also use the WishList Member Setup Wizard at any time to keep things rolling and configure your site.

Install WishList Member

Video Tutorial

We also recommend checking out the WishList Member Setup Wizard as it can help walk you through the configuration of your membership site.

WishList Member Quick Start Guide Series

This article is part of the WishList Member Quick Start Guide series. You can use the links below to jump to any of the steps within the guide.

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