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Create a Welcome Page – After Registration

welcome - WishList Member

First impressions can be significant as they can set the tone for future interactions.

So it's a good idea to start your members off on the right foot. An ideal way to do that is by welcoming them as soon as they join.

WishList Member includes an After Registration page (typically called the Member Welcome Page).

This means when a member registers for a membership level, they are shown the set After Registration page one time.

There is a basic message applied as the default After Registration page. This is also an opportunity to create a more detailed welcome page for your members. A welcome page does exactly that; it welcomes them to your membership and prepares them for what they can expect.

After Registration Page Overview

As noted, the After Registration page will appear to a member directly after they register and it can only be viewed once.

A Global Default After Registration page can be set or individual After Registration pages can be set for each membership level.

Additional options and settings related to configuring the After Registration page are available in the After Registration Page article.

In this article, we will focus on the type of information you can include on a welcome page when setting it as the After Registration page.

Two Key Pieces of Information Regarding the After Registration Page

  • It is the first page a member sees after registration
  • It can only be seen once by the member

They just decided to join your membership and became a new member a few seconds ago.

They are likely looking forward to digging into their brand new membership and exploring the site.

Since the After Registration page is their first experience as an official member, it is recommended to include some specific and useful information along with a genuine welcome. We get into more details on that below.

It is important to remember the After Registration page only appears to the member once. So any content, links, or information the member will need to access again or on a regular basis should also be included elsewhere on the site. This might include a way to access a bonus or a members only area. That type of content should be easily found at any time.

The After Login page is useful for cases like this as that page appears to the member each time they login moving forward.

What Should Appear on a Welcome Page?

This is a good question to ask and it can depend on the type of site. But, there are a few things that you'll typically find on a welcome page.

  • A genuine welcome. The new members have placed their trust in you and your offer so a sincere “Thank you” and a “Welcome” is always appreciated.
  • What is included in their membership. A brief overview of what they just purchased / joined.
  • Next Steps. Where should the member go now and how can they easily find what they need.

Since the After Registration page only appears to the member once, you may find some of the links you included on the welcome page will also appear on the After Login page (often referred to as a dashboard page). More information is available on creating a dashboard page.

Of course, you can include whatever you would like on the page. You know your members and what they will want to see.

Welcome Page Example

We have included a screenshot example of a welcome page below. It uses a WordPress default theme and includes some minor formatting. Of course, you can use the theme of your choice and can use a page builder if you would like.

With that being said, the page includes a short message to welcome the member and includes links to some areas they might want to check out as a new member.

You can customize your own welcome page to include what your members will want and need.

Revert to Previous Page Settings – Revisions

There may be times when you may want to revert back to content that was previously saved on the page. Perhaps you decide you liked the previous text better or preferred a different lay out that was used.

You can use the WordPress Revisions section to revert back to previous save points for the content on the page.

WordPress displays a Revisions area on the right side of the edit page section as displayed in the screenshot below.

You can click to view the Revisions for the page and the Compare Revisions section appears. This WordPress feature allows you to roll back to previous save points. This can be helpful if you want to go back to using a previously saved version of the page.

Note: The slider on the top can be used to display different save points so you can select the revision of your choice.

The revisions will show what has been removed or added and the Restore This Revision button can be used to complete the restoration.

This essentially allows you to roll back to a previously saved version of the page.

WishList Member Quick Start Guide Series

This article is part of the WishList Member Quick Start Guide series. You can use the links below to jump to any of the steps within the guide.

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