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Create Membership Content

creating membership content

So, you're thinking about creating membership content. You're definitely in the right place so let's jump right in and get started.

WordPress pages and posts are a popular method used to create content. They are a tried and tested way to present your content to your audience.

Adding WishList Member into the mix opens up even more possibilities. WishList Member is used to easily protect and set access for that content.

An effective pairing of systems that results in you being able to control who can access your content.

Pages and Posts

The two main types of WordPress content are pages and posts. While they can display content in similar ways, there are differences between the two when creating membership content.


Pages are typically used for content that will be less timely and can remain more “evergreen”. Examples can include a contact us page or your sales page.

WordPress Pages Example

You are able to set pages to appear (or not appear) in the menu of your site. A WordPress page can also be set as a welcome page or a dashboard page for members.

Pages don't usually include a comments section (although you can enable comments on a page if you want).


Posts are typically used for content you want to post on a schedule or in a collection. Examples include a 4 part weekly series or a group of content related to a topic.

WordPress Posts Example

You can set posts within a category and can list them on your site. This allows users to easily check out the related content.

Posts are generally used more often if you would like a comments section for a piece of content. That said, you can also disable comments for posts as well.

Access and Protection

Once you have created your content, you can set the access and protection using WishList Member. This is what will control who can view your Members Only content.

You can select if the content is protected or not and then select which membership level(s) are allowed to access the protected pieces of content. It's a quick and easy process.

More details are available in the Access and Protection article.

You can create membership content at any time and select who can view it in just a few steps. This allows you to control the access and protection for your site.

WishList Member Quick Start Guide Series

This article is part of the WishList Member Quick Start Guide series. You can use the links below to jump to any of the steps within the guide.

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