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Edit an Existing Member

To edit an existing member, navigate to the Members tab in WishList Member. To edit a member’s record, click on their username. A pop-up will appear.

Here, you will see the following tabs:

Member Info. Edit the member name, email address, and role. You can also subscribe or unsubscribe a member to email broadcasts, send a password reset link, or log them out of any computers they may be logged in through.

Address. Edit the member company, address, city, state, country and postal code.

Levels. For each level a member belongs to, you can edit the transaction ID and registration date for that level.

Pay Per Posts. Add or remove Pay Per Post items to/from the member.

Advanced. Here you’ll find the member’s unique WishList Member RSS Feed URL, registration date, email address, last login date and last login IP. You can add this member to the email blacklist by clicking the “+” button next to their email address. You can add a member to the IP blacklist by clicking the “+” button next to their IP address. You can also set the IP login limit specifically for this user in the Login Limit box provided.

Data Privacy. If you have Data Privacy settings enabled, you will see what this individual member has and has not consented to.

Other. Any information collected in Custom Registration Forms will be displayed below.

Once you have set all these options accordingly, click the “Update” button to save your changes.

You can also edit portions of a member’s record directly on this screen.

To add a membership level to a member’s record:

  1. Click the dropdown icon next to the list of levels they belong to.
  2. Click the “Add Level” link.
  3. In the pop-up that appears, select the levels you would like the member added to and specify the registration date. If left blank, the registration date will default to the current date.
  4. Click “Add Level” to save your changes and add the level(s) to the member’s record.

To changes a status code:

In the Status column, you will see a list of icons that represent important status items for each member (Email Broadcast, Sequential Upgrade, etc). To change a particular status, simply click the icon associated with it. The icon will change, indicating the update in status. If you hover over the icon, a tooltip will appear explaining the status code and its current state for a particular user.

To delete a member:

When hovering over an individual member record, two icons will appear to the right of the record. The edit icon will let you edit the member’s record. The delete icon will delete the member’s record. Simply click the delete icon and confirm your desire to delete the record and the record will be deleted.

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