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Registration Page – Uncaught Error: Undefined constant “WishListMember\AUTH_SALT”

If you see the following message on a registration page, there is a quick fix that can be applied.

Uncaught Error: Undefined constant “WishListMember\AUTH_SALT”

This message can appear if your WordPress site has not defined “AUTH_SALT” in your wp-config.php.

If the WordPress site has Debug display errors enabled, the error message will appear during registration. If the WordPress site doesn't have the Debug display errors enabled, the error message will be logged in the WordPress error logs/debug.log file. 

WishList Member uses the defined WordPress salts when generating cookies, hashes, etc. as it helps with security purposes. (More info on WordPress Salts available here).

So with that being said, you may have removed or forgot to define your WordPress salts if you see the message mentioned above.

Add WordPress Salts to Site

We suggest you add WordPress salts in your site by generating one and pasting on your wp-config.php file through FTP. 

You can visit this link provided by WordPress which will automatically generate unique phrases for you.

You will just need to copy those phrases and use them for your site's wp-config.php.

Please note that changing your WordPress salts and keys will log out all of your WordPress users so if possible, do this at the end of the day or at a time with less active users.

If you are unsure how to access your wp-config.php file to make this change, we suggest you contact your server/hosting provider and they should be able set it up for you. Or you can reach out to our Customer Success Team to assist you further.

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