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Badges – Setup Overview

This article includes examples of the following settings for Badges within CourseCure. The table of contents on the right can be used to jump to any section.

Badges Setup

Badges can be created in the Setup > Badge Rules section.

Each Rule will add/remove the set Badge based on how the Trigger is configured. “When this happens” “Then do this”

The green plus icon on the top of the Badges > Badge Rules section can be clicked to begin the Badge creation process.

Set a Name for the Badge Rule and click the green Apply button.

Once the Badge Rule has a Name, the Edit Setup Rules section will appear and the various settings can be configured for that specific Badge Rule.

There is a variety of available Triggers available in the “When this happens” dropdown. Selecting a specific Trigger from the dropdown will result in showing the specific options for that Trigger.

Triggers can range from user login and comments to completing a Quiz or Course. There is a wide selection of available Triggers.

In the example shown below, Users will be issued a Badge when they post their 25th comment on the site. There is a wide range of included Badges available. There is also the option to create your own Badges. (More information on creating Badges can be found in the Library section below).

The blue Save or green Save & Close button can be clicked once all settings are configured.


A Library of Badges is included. These Badge can be used/edited and there is also an option to create your own Badges.

Any existing Badge can be edited by clicking Badge Title or the edit icon.

A new Badge can be created by clicking the green Plus button.

That will bring up the Upload Badge(s) pop up. This will display the WordPress Media section and an existing image can be selected or a new image can be uploaded.

Upload or Select the desired image and the Edit Badge section will appear.

The Drag tool can be used to crop the image and set the Badge how you want it to be displayed. The blue Crop button needs to be clicked once the dimensions are set.

Redeemable by Points: If enabled, the Badge can be redeemed by a User with Points.

The blue Save or green Save & Close button can be clicked once all settings are configured.

The newly created Badge will now appear on the list.

Mass Add/Remove

Note: The Mass/Add Remove option only appears if WishList Member is installed.

The Mass Add/Remove section will appear if the site is running WishList Member. It can be used to Add or Remove a Badge for all Members in a Level.

The desired Badge can be selected using the corresponding dropdown and the green Add or red Remove button can be used to Add/Remove the Badge for all Members within that Level.


The Logs section is available to display a list of Users and the Badges they have earned.

An advanced search is available with options to Select the Trigger type and/or Select how the Badges were processed (Added or Removed).


There is a General Settings section that covers a few Settings for Badges.

Display Badges on User Comments Profile: If enabled, Badges will be displayed on the User Comment Profile.

Default# of Badges to display: Set the default number of Badges to display for a User on the live site. Note that if a User earns more than the default number of Badges a “More” option will appear which can be clicked to view the additional Badges.

Size of the badges in Pixels: Set the size of the Badges (in pixels) that will be displayed on the User Comment Profile.

Location of the badges in the Comment Section: Select the section the Badges will be displayed on the User Comment Profile.

The “Click here to view instructions…” API KEY link directs to a page on your site with more details on using the CourseCure Badges API. An example screenshot is included below.

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