The Definitive List: 10 Best Membership Themes for WordPress

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Explore our expert guide on the best membership themes for WordPress, tailored for enterprises seeking functional elegance and customization.

Welcome to the exciting world of membership sites! You're paving the way for a ton of new opportunities for your business. Bring on the recurring revenue!

Choosing the best WordPress theme, however, presents its own set of challenges. Membership sites require specific functionalities and design elements.

It's crucial to choose a theme that not only aligns with your brand but also offers the versatility and customization necessary to address your unique business needs.

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So, what are the best WordPress themes out there for membership sites?

In this article, we delve into 10 top tier, multi-purpose themes that are perfectly suited for membership sites.

With a heap of themes out there, we've narrowed down the choices for you.

Man on laptop smiling

Rest assured, each theme we recommend is mobile-friendly, visually appealing on any device, and seamlessly integrates with WishList Member

Let’s begin exploring these premium WordPress themes. 

1. Divi: Master of Personalization 

Divi Homepage

If you're setting up a membership-based business website, Divi can be your holy grail. This tool can turn your website into a visual masterpiece with bespoke functionality, guaranteeing an engaging user experience. 

Best For: 

Divi is an ideal choice for startups and well-established websites seeking to introduce a unique and personalized user experience. It especially benefits creative professionals who want to highlight their work or services in a striking and eye-catching way. 

Features We Love: 

  • Versatile Layouts: Divi provides hundreds of predefined layouts specifically built for membership sites, making site customization a breeze.

  • Infinite Customization: The customization options are virtually limitless with Divi, from animations and fonts to color schemes and backgrounds.

  • Plugin Compatibility: Along with ensuring harmonious functionality with WishList Member, Divi also offers full compatibility with an array of other essential WordPress plugins.


When using Divi, don't just rely on its pre-built templates. To truly leverage its customization potential, create unique landing pages tailored to your audience's preferences.

This targeted approach will optimize your membership site by creating an engaging user experience and boosting member retention rates.

2. Ultra: Making Design a Breeze

Themify Ultra WordPress theme

Riding high on simplicity, Ultra is more than just a WordPress theme, it's a seamless blend of intuitive interface and robust features. Perfect for those who value an easy, straightforward approach to site creation.

Best For: 

Ultra is perfect for beginners or business owners who want a no-fuss, user-friendly site design process. Its simplicity makes it an ideal choice for those who want to have a significant hand in their site's design without needing a background in web development

Features We Love: 

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: Reduces the technical barrier for website creation, allowing for easy edits.

  • Comprehensive Features: Adjusts to your needs with custom widgets, social media integration, unlimited layouts, and multiple header styles.

  • Seamless Integration: Syncs effortlessly with WishList Member and other essential WordPress plugins.


Use Ultra's drag-and-drop builder to its fullest advantage! Remember, you can create a unique, engaging experience for your members with careful layout design.

Combine this with Ultra's compatibility with WishList Member, and you can devise exclusive content and add functionality to your membership site that resonates with your audience. 

3. OceanWP: An All-Rounder for Your Membership Site

OceanWP theme page

Looking for a standout WordPress theme? Meet the all-rounder, OceanWP.

A theme loaded with extensive features yet designed with ease of use in mind, OceanWP empowers you to shape engaging membership websites

Best For: 

OceanWP is ideal if you're after a website that's as colorful as it is effective. With its array of color choices and custom widgets, business owners and creative professionals alike achieve the right splash of personalization. 

Features We Love: 

Despite being freely accessible, OceanWP surpasses the competition in terms of quality. Benefits include: 

  • Extensive Color Palette: Looking to infuse your site with brand-aligned hues? This theme provides a wide choice of color options, so you can tailor your online presence precisely to your brand.
  • Robust Custom Widgets: Included in this theme is an selection of custom widgets, enhancing both the aesthetic and functionality of your site. These tools are designed to elevate your site's professional appearance while boosting its operational efficiency.

  • Packed with In-Built Demos and Templates: Especially designed to cater to membership sites, expanding your possibilities for site design.

  • Exceptional Compatibility: It works seamlessly with WishList Member, ensuring smooth operation of your site without any compatibility issues.

  • Integration with Elementor Flexbox Containers: This additional feature allows for an enhanced level of customization, allowing you to tailor the site to your specific needs.

  • Advanced Extensions: OceanWP comes loaded with a variety of top-tier extensions. These extra features feel like gaining VIP entry to powerful tools that boost your site's look and function.


Did you know that OceanWP integrates with Elementor Flexbox containers? A little insider tip for Elementor users: use the simplicity of OceanWP's drag-and-drop feature and its library of demos to create your own new pages – no coding required!

4. Hestia Pro: Redefining Contemporary Elegance

Screenshot of Hestia PRO home page

Hestia Pro, with its modern charm and practical features, beautifully combines attractiveness with functionality.

It's a go-to choice for those running membership sites who want to leave a lasting impression.

Best For: 

Perfect for membership site entrepreneurs who value stunning and stylish visuals, but likewise need the functionalities of a well-oiled membership site.

Features We Love:

  • Modern Design Elements: With Hestia Pro, your site will be a captivating fusion of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

  • Customization Freedom: The theme’s comprehensive settings provide you with thorough customization abilities. This way, you can tweak your site to your specific needs and tastes. No two Hestia Pro-powered websites need look the same.

  • WooCommerce-Ready: It embraces not just WishList Member, but also one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, WooCommerce. This is great news if you plan to sell products or services along with your membership features!


Remember to make full use of Hestia Pro’s WooCommerce compatibility if your membership website also includes an online shop.

You can seamlessly build an ecommerce platform into your website, providing additional revenue streams and a holistic online experience for your customers. In this way, Hestia Pro allows your membership site to branch out and support a broader business model.

5. Authority Pro: Performance at Its Peak

Authority Pro WordPress theme

Authority Pro is recognized for its superior efficiency and speed, significantly strengthening user interactions.

This theme is designed for efficiency. It has user conversion at heart and is built to ensure rapid page loads, while still maintaining a polished and professional design. 

Best For: 

Authority Pro is well-suited for membership sites that prioritize conversion and user-friendliness. It is an ideal choice for businesses looking to boost their membership numbers and provide a seamless browsing experience. 

Features We Love:

  • Conversion-Targeted Homepage: The layout is specifically geared to increase user conversion rates, making it a prime tool for boosting your membership count.

  • High-Speed Performance: Users won't have to deal with sluggish page loads, providing a seamless browsing experience that keeps members coming back for more.

  • Broad Plugin Compatibility: Able to seamlessly integrate with WishList Member and other WordPress plugins, Authority Pro ensures your site runs smoothly with added functionalities.


To make the most of Authority Pro's high-speed performance, ensure your images and contents are optimized for web use.

This way, you'll maintain fast load times across your site, enhance user experience, and retain your site members.

Its conversion-targeted homepage is also a valuable asset. Give it the attention it deserves by constantly testing and tweaking it for optimal results.

Use this platform to highlight the unique selling points of your business and watch as your membership numbers soar.

6. Binder Pro: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

Binder Pro WordPress theme

Elegance is the name of the game with Binder Pro. Its modules offer a mix of aesthetic appeal and ease, making it suitable for various types of membership sites that prioritize design and user experience.

Best For: 

Entrepreneurs who seek a balanced blend of aesthetics and usability for their membership site will find a perfect match in Binder Pro. 

Features We Love:

Binder Pro stands out as an aesthetically pleasing yet practical choice for varied membership sites, presenting several compelling features: 

  • Plug-and-Play Modules: Offers easy-to-use modules for rapid, attractive layout designs.

  • All-In-One Solution: Comes with comprehensive support, including contact forms, custom widgets, pricing tables, including WooCommerce compatibility.

  • Versatility: Presents design adaptability to cater to various types of membership sites.


Binder Pro's ready-to-use modules make it quick and easy to add elegant design elements in your site. Use these resources to your advantage to create visually appealing membership pages that convert.

7. Shoppe: Elevating the Ecommerce Experience

Shoppe WordPress theme

Shoppe is an ecommerce powerhouse, perfect for membership sites that integrate product sales. Its unique layout and easy-to-use tools make handling a combined ecommerce and membership site effortless.

Best For: 

For membership site owners who also have a retail component, Shoppe provides a one-stop solution. 

Features We Love:

Shoppe is a WordPress theme with a distinct focus on ecommerce, making it ideal for membership sites that have a keen interest in driving sales. Its features include: 

  • Ecommerce First: A layout that elevates your product sales.

  • Simplified Design Tools: A live customizer and demo installer to make the design process much smoother.

  • Unique Dashboard: A custom theme dashboard that offers a unique and user-friendly interface for managing your site.

  • WishList Member Sync: Seamless integration with WishList Member, ensuring smooth operation and performance.


Use Shoppe to seamlessly integrate your membership and retail offerings, providing a unified user experience.

8. Zelle: Unleashing Creativity with Optimized Performance

Zelle Pro WordPress theme

Zelle is the ideal blend of creativity and performance. Its artistic design elements and quick setup are perfect for sites aiming to stand out visually while maintaining a smooth, user-friendly experience.

Best For: 

Seeking a creative twist without compromising on your site's speed and performance? Zelle is your guy! 

Features We Love:

Here are some of Zelle's striking features that make it a stand-out option: 

  • Unique Aesthetic Appeal: Thanks to its creative elements like parallax effects and custom content blocks, Zelle gives you the flexibility to create sleek, stunning and unique designs.

  • Quick Setup: Zelle ensures a quick and effortless setup process that lets you to revamp your membership site in no time.

  • Compatibility: Zelle supports seamless integration with WishList Member, ensuring smooth working of your membership platform.


Make the most of Zelle's creative design features to add a unique visual flair to your membership site. The parallax effects and custom content blocks can help differentiate your site from the competition and engage visitors on a deeper level. 

9. Elegant: A Harmonized Blend of Form and Function

Elegant WordPress theme

Elegant stands out as a theme that understands the balance between form and function. The theme is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that both you and your visitors have a smooth experience.

Whether it’s for a creative agency, a professional portfolio, a corporate website, or an online store, Elegant’s flexibility makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of business needs.

Moreover, it integrates with major WordPress plugins so that you don’t have to compromise on the tools and features essential for running your business effectively.

Best For: 

Elegant's sleek and uncluttered design is perfect for businesses and membership sites that value a professional look without sacrificing website performance.

Features We Love:

Elegant brings an array of appealing features to the table: 

  • Diverse Design Options: With choices including six color schemes, social icons, and multi-column layouts.

  • Integrated Portfolio Section: Ideal for showcasing your work, services, or products.

  • Compatibility: Fully supports WishList Member and WooCommerce, making it a comprehensive solution for all your membership and ecommerce needs.


Leverage Elegant's integrated portfolio section to show off your best work or products. Use it to convey the value and appeal of your membership, and watch your signup rate soar.

10. Astra: Champion of Usability and Flexibility

Astra WordPress theme homepage

Astra is celebrated for its flexibility and ease of use. Whether you're building a niche membership site or a broad community, Astra’s adaptability makes it a top choice, allowing for a tailored approach to your site's design and functionality.

Best For: 

If you're looking for high customizability and an easy setup process, you'll appreciate what Astra has to offer. 

Features We Love:

Astra stands out as a WordPress theme due to its:  

  • Supreme Customizability: Caters to a broad array of user needs and visual preferences.

  • Starter Sites for Quick Launch: Use of starter sites that significantly streamline the site creation journey from square one.

  • Wide Plugin Harmony: Effortless integration with popular ecommerce platforms, WishList Member and WooCommerce, promising continuous smooth operation of your site.


Take advantage of Astra's starter sites to get your website up and running quickly. With its wide selection of design templates, you can readily choose and customize a layout – saving you time and effort.

Last Thoughts

Online Ecommerce Shopping Website Or Store

And that’s a wrap on our journey through WordPress's finest membership themes! Each brings its unique flair and robust capabilities, ensuring your site isn't just a pretty face but a powerhouse in functionality.

Remember, the right theme echoes your style and meets your needs.

These themes we examined today aren't just attractive on the surface. Their powerful features and capabilities can take your membership site to new heights of success.

Give them a whirl and discover the perfect match for your business! We're on the edge of our seats and can't wait to find out which one you went for! Let us know, and as always, if you have any questions, comment down below!

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