Subscription Business Ideas (And Real-World Examples) To Rake In Recurring Revenue From Your Hobby or Business

Subscription Business Ideas List

Want to start a new business and earn passive income? Want to add a new dimension to your existing business and build customer loyalty? Then read on, friend, because we're about to blow open the possibilities with our mega list of subscription business ideas.

Whether your resolution is to turn your hobby into a money maker, or rev up your brick and mortar business with a recurring revenue program, there's something in this list for you.

We'll also walk you through your first steps to making your chosen subscription business idea a reality.

Whether you're reading this in January, or some time in the future (assuming the cyborgs haven't won) this is the first day of the rest of your life, so make it count and unlock the potential of recurring revenue today.

Let's roll!

Subscription Business Ideas to Monetize Your Hobby

It's the ultimate dream – making money off of what you love best – and it's easier to do than ever with a subscription website and some marketing know-how.

No matter how niche your hobby, there are people out there that share your interests. Not only are they your ideal customers, they also provide an incredible opportunity to build a thriving, loyal online community.

If you're not sure how to turn your passion into a profit-making machine, here are a few subscription business ideas to spark some inspiration.

Books piled up

Curated Genre-Specific or Themed Book Club

You know the feeling – you've just finished an incredible read, and you a) desperately want to share your enthusiasm with someone and b) are immediately on the hunt for the next book to take its place.

Fantasy sci-fi, crime thriller, historical fiction, whatever floats your literary boat, there's a community of like-minded folk out there looking for a home for their hobby. And you could be the one to build it!

Subscribers to your book club can get the following:

  • Curated Monthly Book Selections: Handpicked books each month focusing on a specific genre or theme, like fantasy sci-fi, crime thriller, or historical fiction.

  • Reader-Driven Community Forum: An online space for subscribers to discuss the book of the month, share insights, and connect with fellow book lovers.

  • Personalized Book Recommendations: Based on subscribers' reading preferences and feedback, provide tailored suggestions for their next read.
Tailored Book Recommendations Subscription Box Screenshot
TBR offers personalized book recommendations Subscribers fill out a survey about their reading preferences and receive a tailored book list from a bibliologist
  • Thematic Extras: Include additional content related to the book's theme, such as related articles, mini-guides, or trivia related to the book's setting or genre.

  • DIY Discussion Questions: Create and share a list of thought-provoking questions about each book to enhance readers' understanding and discussion.

  • Monthly Book Reviews and Summaries: Write and distribute reviews or summaries of the selected books to enrich the reading experience.

  • Virtual Book Club Meetings: Organize regular online meet-ups where members can discuss the current book and share their opinions.

  • Reading Challenges and Contests: Engage members with reading challenges, quizzes, or contests related to the book or its genre.

  • Collaborative Book Lists: Compile book lists based on member suggestions, votes, or seasonal themes, encouraging a sense of community involvement.

  • Book-Themed Digital Content: Create and share book-related content like blog posts, infographics, or thematic playlists to complement the reading experience.

  • Monthly Newsletters: A newsletter featuring literary news, hobbyist tips for readers, and sneak peeks into next month's book selection.

  • Exclusive Member Discounts: Partner with local or online bookstores to offer members discounts on books and reading accessories.
Once Upon a Book Club Screenshot

Subscription Business Examples

  • Tailored Book Recommendations (TBR): TBR offers personalized book recommendations. Subscribers fill out a survey about their reading preferences and receive a tailored book list from a bibliologist. They have the option to receive the books in the mail or get recommendations only.

  • ReadHer Book Box: This subscription service focuses on romance books written by women of color. It aims to amplify diverse voices and stories, providing subscribers with thoughtfully chosen books each month along with themed extras.

  • Read It & Eat It: Ideal for culinary enthusiasts and foodies, this subscription combines the love for food and reading. Each box includes a food-related book along with a delicious snack from a small business, catering to various food-themed literary genres.

  • Once Upon A Book Club: Designed to provide an immersive reading experience, this service sends a new book each month, accompanied by small gifts and surprises that relate to specific parts of the story. This unique approach encourages readers to engage more deeply with the narrative.
Embroidery materials

DIY Crafts Subscription Service

Imagine turning your living room into a mini craft studio once a month, brimming with creativity and the joy of making something with your own hands. Whether you're into scrapbooking, knitting, or upcycling, the world of DIY crafts is vast and endlessly inspiring.

As the curator of a DIY Crafts subscription service, you can bring this creative joy directly to people's homes. Here's what subscribers can look forward to:

  • Monthly Craft Kits: Each month, members receive a kit containing all the materials and instructions needed to complete a unique craft project. These could range from home decor items, jewelry making, to seasonal decorations.

  • Skill-Level Tailored Projects: Offer different subscription tiers for various skill levels, from beginners to more experienced crafters, ensuring everyone has a project that suits their abilities.

  • Online Courses and Workshops: Complement the kits with access to exclusive video courses with tutorials or live online workshops, guiding members step-by-step through the projects.

  • Community Craft Challenges: Host monthly challenges that encourage members to try new techniques and share their creations with the community for inspiration and feedback.

  • Crafting Tool Add-Ons: Give members the option to add essential or specialized tools to their subscription box, perfect for building their crafting toolkit over time.

  • Exclusive Craft Patterns and Designs: Provide original pattern downloads, templates, or design ideas exclusively for subscribers, keeping the content fresh and unique.
Hopebroidery Box
The Hopebroidery Box offers a selection of embroidery boxes including embroidery floss scissors fabric a method to transfer designs a needle and needle threader and access to a full length video tutorial​
  • Member Showcase and Feedback: Create a platform for members to showcase their completed projects and share tips and ideas, fostering a vibrant crafting community.

  • Seasonal and Thematic Projects: Align some of the monthly projects with seasons, holidays, or current trends, making the crafts timely and exciting.

  • Specialty Craft Materials: Occasionalldownloay include specialty materials that members might not find easily, such as unique beads, specialty yarns, or eco-friendly fabrics.

  • Crafting Resource Newsletter: Send out a monthly newsletter with crafting tips, spotlight on various crafting techniques, and previews of upcoming project themes.

  • Discounts on Craft Supplies: Negotiate deals with craft supply stores to offer subscribers exclusive discounts on additional materials and tools.

  • Q&A and Support: Offer direct support for any crafting questions or challenges, ensuring members have a helping hand when needed.

This DIY Crafts subscription service is an ideal way to share your passion for crafting and to help others discover the joy and satisfaction of creating something beautiful by hand.

Picture of soap making from Adults and Crafts Crate
Adults Crafts Crate Soap Making

Subscription Business Examples

Adults & Crafts Crate: This subscription service offers a monthly craft project for adults and teenagers. It includes all the necessary tools, materials, and instructions for projects such as wood-burning, candle making, clock making, and more, making it perfect for crafty nights in, family activities, or social gatherings.

The Hopebroidery Box: Offers a selection of embroidery boxes, including full skeins of embroidery floss, scissors, fabric, a method to transfer designs, a needle and needle threader, and access to a full-length video tutorial​​.

Detective artifacts - a , a smoking pipe, an old letter.

Mystery Puzzle Subscription Service

Have you ever emerged from an escape room, heart racing with the thrill of the challenge, and thought, ‘I could create something like this'?

Imagine channeling your love for puzzles, riddles, and captivating storylines into crafting your very own mystery puzzle adventure.

As a creator of a Mystery Puzzle Games subscription, you have the power to design a world of intrigue and challenge that arrives at someone's doorstep each month.

This is your chance to turn your passion for crafting intricate puzzles and weaving engaging narratives into an exciting venture that brings joy and challenge to fellow enthusiasts. Let your creativity and love for mystery guide you in creating an unforgettable experience for others.

Here's what subscribers can expect from your Mystery Puzzle Games service:

  • Bi-Monthly Mystery Boxes: Subscribers receive a box every other month containing a stand-alone mystery. These stories could range from detective mysteries, escape room challenges, to historical adventures.

  • Monthly Mystery Challenges: Host a monthly online puzzle challenge with a small mystery to solve. Engage your community in solving it together.

  • Puzzle Variety: Puzzles include a mix of types – from logic puzzles and ciphers to physical puzzles that require assembly. This variety caters to different puzzle-solving strengths and keeps the experience fresh.
Deadbolt Mystery Society Puzzle boxes
Deadbolt Mystery Society This service offers a stand alone mystery case in each box allowing subscribers to crack different cases with each delivery
  • Interactive Online Elements: Some mysteries may include online components, such as websites to explore, virtual clues to uncover, or interactive videos that enhance the storytelling. Use online platforms to create interactive stories where users make choices to solve the mystery. You can use a tool like Twine to craft narrative games without a ton of technical knowledge.

  • Collectible Items: Include items that not only serve as clues but can also be collected over time, like unique tokens, thematic keepsakes, or character cards.

  • Difficulty Levels: Offer varying levels of difficulty, catering to both novice sleuths and seasoned puzzle veterans.

  • Family-Friendly Options: Provide some mysteries that are suitable for families or younger audiences, ensuring a broad appeal.

  • Community Engagement: Create an online forum or community board where subscribers can discuss theories, ask for hints, and connect with fellow mystery lovers.

  • Creator Q&A Sessions: Host live Q&A sessions or interviews with the creators, offering insights into the world of puzzle and game design.

  • Special Edition Mysteries: Occasionally offer special edition boxes that tie into seasonal events, popular culture, or historical anniversaries.

  • Hints and Solution Guides: Provide hints or a full solution guide for each mystery, ensuring all players can complete the story.

Your Mystery Puzzle Games subscription service will not only offer a unique form of entertainment but also a challenging and intellectually stimulating experience that keeps subscribers eagerly awaiting their next mystery.

Finders Seekers Facebook Image showing a Finders Seekers Subscription Box in candlelight
Finders Seekers mystery subscription box

Subscription Business Examples

  • Finders Seekers Mysteries: This self-contained mystery subscription box includes a series of clues and puzzles that allow subscribers to explore new cities and cultures from their own home while solving cryptic messages and deciphering codes​​.

  • Deadbolt Mystery Society: This service offers a stand-alone mystery case in each box, allowing subscribers to crack different cases with each delivery. It's designed for those who love suspense and detective stories but prefer not to commit to a long-term narrative​​​​.

  • Escape The Crate: This bi-monthly subscription service brings the experience of an escape room to your home. Each box contains a game that combines the thrill of an escape room with the convenience of a home-based activity​​.
Nature Journal

Nature Journaling Subscription Service

If you have a passion for the great outdoors and a flair for documenting the natural world, consider creating a Nature Journaling subscription service. This could be a wonderful avenue to share your love for nature, encouraging others to observe, appreciate, and record the beauty of the environment around them.

Here’s what subscribers can look forward to in your Nature Journaling service:

  • Monthly Nature Journaling Kits: Each month, send out a kit that includes tools and materials for nature journaling, such as a specially designed journal, watercolor or sketching supplies, and durable, portable writing tools.

  • Guided Journal Prompts: Provide prompts that guide subscribers on what to look for and document in their nature explorations, such as seasonal changes, local flora and fauna, or weather patterns.

  • Educational Content on Local Ecosystems: Include educational materials about different ecosystems, plants, wildlife, and environmental conservation efforts. This could be in the form of pamphlets, e-books, or online resources.

  • Online Courses: Host online courses on various aspects of nature journaling, such as botanical sketching, landscape drawing, or creative writing techniques.

  • Guest Expert Contributions: Collaborate with naturalists, botanists, or environmental educators to provide expert insights and content for your subscribers.

  • Community Challenges: Organize monthly journaling challenges or themes, encouraging subscribers to explore specific aspects of nature and share their journal entries with the community.
Nature Journaling
  • Subscriber Showcase: Feature subscriber journal pages in a dedicated section of your newsletter or website, celebrating their observations and artistic expressions.

  • Virtual Nature Walks and Explorations: Conduct virtual nature walks or explorations, guiding subscribers through different natural settings and pointing out interesting sights to journal.

  • Seasonal Nature Spotting Guides: Provide guides or checklists for seasonal nature spotting, helping subscribers to identify and learn more about what they might encounter in different seasons.

  • Nature Photography Tips: Include tips for nature photography, helping subscribers to capture and include photos in their journals.

  • Discounts on Outdoor Gear: Partner with outdoor gear companies to offer discounts on items that might be useful for nature journaling expeditions, like binoculars, portable seats, or water bottles.

  • Interactive Online Community: Create an online forum or social media group where subscribers can share their journal pages, experiences, and tips with each other.

  • Special Editions for Unique Ecosystems: Occasionally, offer special edition kits focused on unique ecosystems or extraordinary natural events, like a desert bloom or a great bird migration.

Your Nature Journaling subscription service will not only foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world but also create a community of like-minded individuals who find joy and peace in the act of observing and recording nature's wonders.

House plants

Plant Subscription Service

For those with a green thumb or a budding interest in botany, launching a plant subscription service can be a rewarding way to share your love for flora. This service is perfect for anyone looking to bring a bit of nature into their home, office, or garden, and for those keen to learn more about plant care and horticulture.

Here's what subscribers can look forward to in your plant subscription service:

  • Monthly Plant Deliveries: Each month, subscribers receive a new, carefully selected plant. This could include a range of indoor plants, succulents, herbs, or seasonal flowers, suited to different climates and space sizes.

  • Detailed Care Instructions: Provide easy-to-understand care guides with each plant, covering watering, light requirements, temperature preferences, and other care tips to ensure plant health and longevity.

  • Potting and Repotting Supplies: Include essential supplies like high-quality potting mix, decorative pots, or repotting tools in the subscription box, catering to both beginner and experienced plant owners.

  • Online Workshops and Webinars: Host virtual sessions on topics like indoor gardening, sustainable practices, pest control, and plant styling to educate and engage your subscribers.

  • Expert Horticulturist Q&A: Offer access to a plant expert for personalized advice and answers to subscribers’ specific plant care questions.

  • Plant Community Forum: Create a platform for subscribers to share their plant journeys, exchange tips, and showcase their green havens, fostering a community of plant enthusiasts.
  • Seasonal Plant Selections: Align your plant offerings with the seasons, providing plants that thrive during specific times of the year and offering advice on seasonal plant care.

  • Exclusive Access to Rare Plants: Occasionally offer rare or exotic plants for those subscribers interested in unique and hard-to-find species.

  • Gardening Tool Add-Ons: Give subscribers the option to add specialized gardening tools to their subscription for an enhanced gardening experience.

  • Discounts on Gardening Products: Partner with gardening supply stores or online platforms to offer discounts on additional plants, tools, or decor.

  • Themed Plant Boxes: Create themed boxes around specific types of plants, such as air-purifying plants, easy-care plants for beginners, or flowering plants.

  • Interactive Plant Care App: Develop or partner with a plant care app to provide subscribers with a digital tool for tracking watering schedules, growth progress, and other care activities.

  • Special Editions for Plant Holidays: Celebrate plant-related holidays with special edition boxes, like National Houseplant Appreciation Day or Arbor Day, featuring unique plants or planting activities.

Your plant subscription service will not only bring the joy and beauty of plants to people's spaces but also educate and inspire a deeper appreciation and understanding of the botanical world.

Succulents subscription box with examples of succulents
Succulents box is an excellent example of a plant subscription business

Subscription Business Examples

  • The Plant Club: A popular option well-suited for beginners, offering a monthly box that includes one plant along with a decorative planter and a customized potting mixture. The box often includes fun extras like stickers, candy, magnets, or pins​​.

  • Succulents Box: A great choice for novice or forgetful indoor gardeners, offering a range of options starting at a low price. Plans include up to four plants each month, focusing on succulents and air plants​​.

  • The Sill: Provides a pet-friendly subscription box, which includes either one 4-inch or 6-inch nontoxic plant with each delivery, making it safe for households with pets​​.

Subscription Ideas For Your Brick & Mortar Business

Businesses are discovering innovative ways to expand their reach and enhance customer engagement through subscription services. Whether you own a cozy café, a boutique clothing store, or a neighborhood gym, incorporating a subscription model can unlock new revenue streams and deepen connections with your customers.

This approach is all about offering unique experiences and value that extend beyond the physical storefront. Let's explore how different brick and mortar businesses can tap into the potential of subscription services, adding a new dimension to their traditional business models.

Cafe owner

Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

If you run a restaurant, bar, or cafe, you understand the value of customer loyalty. Launching a subscription service can be a fantastic strategy to encourage regular patronage and create a steady stream of revenue.

There are numerous creative approaches to implement this model, each catering to different customer preferences and dining experiences. Here's a glimpse of what a subscription to your culinary establishment could include, transforming casual visitors into loyal, recurring patrons.

  • Frequent Diner Subscriptions: Create a subscription where customers pay a regular fee for access to ongoing discounts and special deals. This incentivizes more frequent visits and maximizes savings for loyal diners.

  • Beverage Subscription Clubs: Focus on beverages like specialty coffees or curated wines. Subscribers can enjoy exclusive varieties or receive discounts on their favorite drinks, making your cafe or restaurant their preferred choice.

  • VIP Experience Subscriptions: Offer a premium subscription that includes access to exclusive events, priority service, and other luxury experiences, catering to those who seek a more upscale dining experience.

  • Community-Supported Restaurant (CSR) Subscriptions: Introduce a model where customers pay an upfront fee in exchange for a credit towards future meals and services. This can provide immediate funds for your business while offering great value to your customers.

  • Culinary Content Hub Subscriptions: For establishments with a unique culinary identity, offer a subscription that provides access to exclusive digital content such as cooking tutorials, recipe shares, and behind-the-scenes insights into your restaurant's culinary processes.
Dark, luxurious restaurant interior

Subscription Business Examples

  • Waverly Stone Gastropub Subscription: Their “Stone Club” subscription service includes attractive perks such as exclusive discounts on food and beverages, larger draft servings, and early access to special events and promotions.

  • Cooper’s Hawk Wine Subscription: This monthly subscription showcases a select “wine of the month” from the restaurant, complete with detailed tasting notes and suggested pairing recipes, enhancing the wine enthusiast's experience.

  • Boris and Horton Coffee Subscription: Catering to the community and pet lovers, this dog-friendly cafe offers a monthly coffee subscription, providing regular beverage delights to its patrons.
Hairdresser cutting hair

Hair and Beauty Businesses

In the world of personal care, where customer loyalty and consistent quality are key, introducing a subscription model in your hairdressing, barber, or beautician business can be a game-changer. It's not just about frequent services; it's about creating an exclusive, tailored experience for your clients, making their self-care routine something to look forward to every month.

  • Regular Appointment Subscriptions: Offer a subscription for regular haircuts, styling, or beauty treatments. Clients can pay monthly and book their sessions in advance, ensuring they always look their best.

  • Exclusive Product Boxes: Curate a selection of hair care or beauty products tailored to each client’s needs and preferences, delivered monthly.

  • VIP Beauty Experiences: Create a premium subscription offering exclusive services like personalized consultations, advanced treatments, or luxury products.

  • Tutorial and Tips Access: Provide subscribers with exclusive access to online tutorials, tips, and guides on hair and beauty care, keeping them engaged and informed.
Keep It Cut Salon Subscription Service Screenshot showing different offers
Keep It Cut Salon Subscription Service

Subscription Business Examples

  1. B.O.B Salons All Inclusive Membership: Membership to this generous subscription service gives B.O.B salon's clients access to unlimited cuts and colors, conditioning treatments and blow dries for just $177 (£139) per month.

  2. Sleeping Beauty Salon Membership: Staying on the other side of the pond, Scotland's Sleeping Beauty Salon franchise offers 6 and 12 month Platinum memberships. Members enjoy special VIP treatment in salon, discounts on all treatments and products, members only gifts, access to an exclusive online community and waiting list priority.

  3. Keep It Cut Unlimited Hair Cuts: Men's salon Keep It Cut offers a range of memberships. Clients can opt for just unlimited haircuts for $38/month, or add unlimited washed and grooming for $64/month.
Fitness and wellness influencers

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Gyms and fitness center already function on a memberhship model – clients pay regularly for access to your equipment, classes and personal training programs. But if the fitness influencer movement has taught us anything it's that your business has borders far beyond your local community.

With an online subscription program, you can tap into the market of people who prefer working out at home or cannot regularly visit your gym. Here are several ways your gym or fitness center can leverage this growing trend:

  • Virtual Class Subscriptions: Offer a range of online classes that members can join from anywhere. This could include live-streamed sessions or pre-recorded classes in yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Pilates, and more.

  • Digital Personal Training: Create personalized training programs that can be delivered virtually. Create a personalized VIP experience with one-on-one video sessions, customized workout plans, and regular check-ins, or generate passive income by creating pre-made courses for different fitness goals.

  • Health and Wellness Webinars: Host online seminars and webinars focusing on topics like nutrition, mental wellness, fitness trends, and holistic health practices.

  • On-Demand Workout Libraries: Build a library of on-demand workout videos that subscribers can access anytime, catering to all fitness levels and preferences.

  • Nutritional Planning and Coaching: Include diet and nutritional guidance as part of your subscription, offering meal plans, recipes, and consultations.

  • Community Support Groups: Foster a sense of community with online support groups where members can share experiences, tips, and encouragement.
Base Body Babes Websie screenshot
Base Body Babes offer their subscribers an online program to complement their Sydney based fitness studio

Subscription Business Examples

  1. Base Body Babes: Specializes in female strength training with online sessions. Their subscription includes home and gym training courses, tutorials, and a recipe library.

  2. Gymtime PT: Offers customized online fitness programs. Subscribers choose from plans like “Ultimate Weight Loss” or “Tone Up Extreme” and receive tailored workout and nutrition plans.

  3. Pilatesology: Provides online Pilates workouts taught by nearly 70 professionals. They offer digital downloads of Pilates programs and host a community for students to share their experiences.

Pet Stores & Services

Pet stores and pet service providers can greatly benefit from the subscription model, connecting pet owners with products and services that cater to their pets' needs while ensuring steady business growth. An online subscription program can extend your reach to pet owners seeking convenience, variety, and consistent quality for their furry friends.

Here are ways a pet store or service can utilize a subscription model:

  • Pet Care Boxes: Curate monthly boxes filled with toys, treats, grooming tools, and health products tailored to different types of pets.
  • Routine Grooming Subscriptions: Offer a subscription for regular grooming sessions, ensuring pets are always well-cared for.
  • Pet Health and Wellness Webinars: Conduct online seminars on pet care, health tips, and behavioral training.
  • Specialized Pet Diet Plans: Provide tailored monthly meal plans and nutritional products, catering to pets' specific dietary needs.
  • Pet Activity and Training Subscriptions: Offer online training sessions and activity guides to keep pets engaged and well-behaved.
Just4Dogs offers a monthly subscription for dog grooming and bathing

Subscription Business Examples

Just4Dogs: Just4Dogs Pet Salon and Spa offers grooming and bath memberships starting from $27.99/month ensuring their clients' pooches stay pampered no matter what adventures they go on!

Pet Evolution: Pet store franchise offers unlimited self-serve dog washes, a free treat or dog toy and 10% off retail and grooming as part of their VIP membership program.

Petco: Petco offers a variety of subscription services, including auto-deliveries of pet food, a monthly PupBox with treats and toys, insurance, and a Vital Care membership for checkups, vaccinations, grooming, and discounts. Their focus on fresh pet food and healthcare services demonstrates the potential of subscriptions in providing comprehensive pet care.

Subscription Business Ideas for Online Services

Online subscription services are flourishing. They're revolutionizing how we access information, entertainment, and services. As a business owner, tapping into this wave opens up a realm of possibilities. Connect with customers globally, and offer them valuable, on-demand services that cater to their unique needs and interests, all from the comfort of…well…wherever they are!

Let's look at some subscription-based business ideas and examples that are thriving. From educational platforms and streaming services to exclusive online communities and digital tools, the potential to create a lucrative and impactful online subscription service is vast.

Student taking an online course

Online Courses

Whatever field you specialize in, monetize your expertise by building an online course. With WishList Member, you can build a course easily with CourseCure and engage and retain your audience with interactive gamification features.

This setup is ideal for experts in any domain seeking to share their knowledge and build a community of eager learners. Your course can range from professional development to personal hobbies, offering value through a mix of video lessons, quizzes, and interactive content.

  • Interactive Video Lessons: Design comprehensive video modules on your subject matter, ensuring each lesson is both informative and engaging.

  • Quizzes and Assessments: Incorporate quizzes to reinforce learning and provide feedback, making the learning process interactive and effective.

  • Gamification Elements: Use points, badges, and leaderboards to motivate learners, making education fun and competitive.

  • Community Forums: Establish a forum or discussion board for learners to engage, discuss, and share insights, enhancing the learning experience.

  • Downloadable Resources: Offer supplementary materials like PDFs, slides, and worksheets for additional study and reference. screenshot
Teacher and course designer Lili Hao created ChineseForUs for students of Mandarin to learn in their own time from wherever

Subscription Business Examples

  • ChineseFor.Us: This online course provides comprehensive Mandarin lessons, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Subscribers get access to interactive video lessons, quizzes, and a community forum for enhanced learning and cultural exchange.

  • Bread Ahead Bakery School: Offers an online artisan bread baking course, complete with video tutorials, quizzes, and a community forum. Subscribers learn various baking techniques and have access to downloadable recipes and guides.

  • Marie Burke Art: Features an online art course with video tutorials on different painting techniques. The subscription includes access to a community forum for artist interaction, quizzes, and downloadable art resources.
A developer, coding

Web Design, Development and Maintenance

Tap into the demand for digital services by offering web design, development, and maintenance on a subscription basis.

This model is highly sought after by small to medium-sized businesses looking to outsource these tasks without the commitment of hiring a full-time professional.

You can provide a range of services like website updates, bug fixes, design improvements, and ongoing technical support. Tailor your packages to cater to different business needs, ensuring a steady income stream while helping businesses thrive online.

  • Monthly Website Health Checks: Regularly review and maintain website performance, including speed optimization and SEO audits.

  • Design Updates and Refreshes: Offer periodic redesigns or aesthetic improvements to keep websites looking modern and engaging.

  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting: Provide prompt support for any technical issues or glitches that may arise, ensuring minimal downtime.

  • Content Management: Assist with updating and managing website content, including blog posts, product descriptions, and multimedia elements.

  • Security Monitoring and Updates: Keep websites secure with regular security checks, updates, and backups to protect against data breaches.

  • Custom Development Work: Include options for custom coding or feature additions tailored to specific business needs.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Offer monthly analytics reports to help businesses understand their website performance and user engagement.
An editor of a magazine reviewing the layou

Online Publications

Harness the power of your niche knowledge or passion by starting an online publication. Whether it's a blog, magazine, or news site, you can offer subscriptions for exclusive content.

This might include in-depth articles, video content, podcasts, or early access to new material. Utilize platforms like WordPress with WishLis Member to manage subscriptions and content distribution.

Tailor your publication to a specific interest group, providing valuable insights, updates, and perspectives that are hard to find elsewhere.

  • Exclusive Articles and Features: Provide subscribers with articles that offer deep dives into niche topics, not available to non-subscribers.
  • Early Access to Content: Allow subscribers early or exclusive access to new articles, videos, or podcast episodes.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Content: Share insights into your content creation process or additional background information that enhances the main content.
  • Subscriber-Only Podcasts or Webinars: Create podcasts or webinars that cater to the specific interests of your audience, available only to subscribers.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Host regular sessions where subscribers can interact with you or guest experts, deepening their understanding of the subject matter.
  • Downloadable Resources: Offer supplementary materials like eBooks, whitepapers, or exclusive research findings.
  • Community Forums: Foster a subscriber community through forums or discussion boards, encouraging interaction and discussion amongst your audience.
  • Regular Newsletters: Send out a curated newsletter with additional insights, summaries of recent content, or previews of upcoming material.
A business coach talking to a client

Life / Business Coaching

If you have expertise in personal development, career guidance, or business strategy, consider offering online coaching services.

Through one-on-one video sessions, personalized plans, and regular follow-ups, you can make a significant impact on someone's personal or professional growth. You can also

Offer different tiers of subscriptions based on the frequency of sessions and level of personalized support.

  • Resource Library Access: Provide subscribers with exclusive access to a library of resources like worksheets, guides, and motivational content.

  • Tailored Coaching Sessions: Offer individualized sessions that focus on specific personal or professional development goals.

  • Customized Action Plans: Develop action plans tailored to each client’s needs, helping them navigate challenges and achieve their objectives.

  • Email Support: Offer ongoing email support, allowing clients to seek guidance or feedback between scheduled sessions.

  • Webinars and Workshops: Host exclusive webinars or workshops on relevant topics that add value to the coaching experience.

  • Flexible Subscription Levels: Create different subscription tiers, offering varying levels of interaction, resources, and support to suit diverse needs and budgets.
A library of varied colorful books

Online Resource Libraries

Online resource libraries are a treasure trove of knowledge and tools. If you have a wealth of content in a specific niche, consider compiling it into a subscription-based online library. This can include articles, guides, video tutorials, templates, and more. It's an excellent way for experts in any field to provide immense value to their audience, offering a centralized hub of information that's regularly updated and expanded.

  • Curated Content Collections: Organize your content into themed collections or categories, making it easy for subscribers to find what they need.

  • Regular Updates and Additions: Continuously add new resources to keep the library fresh and relevant, encouraging ongoing subscriptions.

  • Downloadable Tools and Templates: Include practical tools, templates, or worksheets that subscribers can use in their personal or professional projects.

  • Video Tutorials and Webinars: Complement written content with video resources, offering in-depth explanations or live interactive sessions.

  • Member-Exclusive Articles and Insights: Provide articles or insights that are exclusive to subscribers, adding unique value to the membership.

  • Interactive Features: Incorporate features like quizzes, calculators, or interactive guides to enhance the learning experience.

  • Community Access: Offer a forum or discussion area where subscribers can discuss content, share ideas, and ask questions.
Teach Beside Me Homepage Screenshot
Teach Beside Me is an online resource library for homeschooling Complete with lesson plans downloadable templates and project ideas

Subscription Business Examples

Mrs. D's Corner: Mrs. D's Corner offers an extensive online library dedicated to special education resources. This subscription-based platform provides teachers and parents with a wealth of materials, including customizable lesson plans, interactive activities, and educational games specifically designed for special needs education.

Worship Drum Samples: Worship Drum Samples presents a comprehensive online library for drum enthusiasts and worship musicians. This subscription service offers an extensive range of high-quality drum samples, loops, and sound kits tailored for worship music. Subscribers can elevate their music production with access to exclusive drum sounds, mixing tips, and tutorials, all curated to enhance the worship music experience.

Teach Beside Me: Teach Beside Me introduces an innovative online resource library catering to homeschooling families. This subscription-based platform is a treasure trove of creative educational materials, including hands-on activities, STEM project guides, and unique learning games. Subscribers receive access to a wide array of downloadable resources that make learning fun and engaging, along with practical homeschooling tips and a supportive community of like-minded parents and educators.

Bring Your Subscription Business Idea to Life with WishList Member

So there you go! There are limitless possibilities when it comes to starting your own subscription business. We hope this list has sparked a vision for your future.

Whether you're starting a subscription business from scratch, or adding subscriptions to your existing WordPress website, WishList Member is an incredibly versatile tool to help you achieve your vision.

WishList Member Homepage

Here are some of WishList Member's key features that make it ideal for starting your online subscription service:

1. Easy Integration with WordPress: WishList Member seamlessly integrates with your WordPress site, turning it into a fully-functional subscription platform. Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or adding to an existing site, the setup is straightforward.

2. Flexible Membership Levels: You can create unlimited membership levels to cater to different customer needs. This flexibility allows you to offer tiered access to content, services, or products, tailoring your offerings to diverse audience segments.

3. Controlled Content Access: Manage what your subscribers see based on their membership level. Whether it’s premium content, exclusive services, or special products, WishList Member gives you the power to restrict access to certain areas of your site, creating exclusivity and value for your subscribers.

4. Subscriptions and Payments: WishList Member supports recurring subscriptions. Integrate with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and more to handle payments efficiently and securely. Automated billing takes the hassle out of the process, both for you and your subscribers.

5. Drip Content Delivery: This feature allows you to release content to members at regular intervals, keeping them engaged and subscribed for longer. It’s perfect for online courses, serialized content, or any subscription model where content is delivered over time.

6. Member Management: Track and manage your members with ease. WishList Member provides insights into member activity, subscription levels, and payment history, making it easier to optimize your offerings and grow your community.

7. Build Courses with Ease with CourseCure by WishList Member: Harness the power of CourseCure to effortlessly create and manage your online courses. This tool simplifies the process of building engaging, interactive courses. Whether you're offering educational content, professional training, or hobby-related courses, CourseCure is the easiest way to make it happen.

Design comprehensive modules, organize lessons, and include multimedia elements to enhance the learning experience. CourseCure's intuitive interface ensures that you can focus on delivering quality content without worrying about technical complexities. Plus add gamification features to keep your members engaged and coming back for more.

In Conclusion: Unlocking the Potential of Recurring Revenue

There you have it – subscription business ideas galore. From transforming hobbies into lucrative ventures, to adding a subscription dimension to brick-and-mortar establishments, the opportunities are as varied as they are exciting!

Embracing the subscription model is about generating steady income, building relationships, creating value, and offering experiences that keep your customers coming back for more. The fusion of your unique ideas with the capabilities of platforms like WishList Member sets the stage for a thriving, engaging, and profitable subscription business.

So, whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, remember that the journey to recurring revenue starts with a step. Equip yourself with the right tools, engage with your audience, and watch as your subscription business flourishes into a rewarding and sustainable venture.

Let's make 2024 the year of tapping into new possibilities and unlocking the full potential of your business. Dream big, start small, and grow steadily – the world of subscription business awaits!

Got a subscription business idea and not sure how to bring it to life? Want to share your idea with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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