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Gamify / Gamification – CourseCure

An effective method to add gamification to a WishList Member powered site is through the use of CourseCure.

CourseCure includes a range of additional functionality for WishList Member. Some of the included features are CoursesPointsBadges and Quizzes and each of these features can be used individually or together in a wide variety of combinations to encourage member interaction.

A few examples:

– Set up badges or points to be awarded to members when they post their first comment or reach a comment milestone. 

– Allow members to earn and use points to redeem for specific badges or access to new levels.

– Include a quiz within a course that unlocks access to a new level or a set number of points or badges if a specific score is achieved.

– Display a leader board of points so members can see who has the most points and can strive to get on the leader board.

– Display each member's collection of badges to encourage more interaction to earn even more badges.

These are just a small selection of options possible when using CourseCure within WishList Member. There are many different scenarios that are possible when using CourseCure. You can get more details right here (including videos and screenshots).

Another gamification option is from the team at GamiPress. They created an integration between WishList Member and GamiPress in the form of a plugin.
We've included a link for more info on the plugin their team created below.

GamiPress – WishList Member Integration Plugin

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