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CourseCure FAQs

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CourseCure Add-ons – General Overview

CourseCure Add-ons provide in depth LMS functionality in the form of separate add-ons that can be enabled or disabled depending on...

Installing CourseCure Add-ons

The CourseCure Add-ons can be installed in the WishList Member > Add-ons section of your site. The first step is...

CourseCure License Activate / Deactivate

The “License and Updates” box appears in the CourseCure > Setup section. This will display if the CourseCure plugin has...

Enable / Disable CourseCure Add-ons

There are a variety of Add-ons within CourseCure and each one provides its own unique set of features and functionality....

CourseCure Courses – Setup Overview

The courses add-on in CourseCure puts the power into your hands to easily create and manage courses on your site....

CourseCure Courses – Protect a Course

You can set who can and cannot access your courses. Each course can either require specific access to allow users...

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