Sync Up to Level Up: Invigorate Member Communications With WishList Member + Campaign Refinery

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Amp up your member communications with WishList Member and Campaign Refinery! Make every click-through resonate with your members and watch engagement grow. Read on for practical tips and best practices. 

Every interaction counts. It's as true on your membership site as it is in your grocery store. 

How you interact with your members (and whether you interact at all) is central to their engagement, loyalty, and the likelihood that they'll invest in more of your products and services. 

Once a member signs up with their email address, you have a direct line of communication, with immense potential to grow that relationship and ensure a higher lifetime customer value

With the WishList Member, Campaign Refinery integration, you can realize that potential with personalized, targeted messaging.

Read on to find out how segmented email marketing helped one brand achieve a 300% increase in sales during their Black Friday campaign. 

I'll also provide other scenarios where you can use an email integration with WishList Member for precise and effective member communications. 

By the end of this blog, you'll be able to use email segments to boost sales, upgrades, and engagement among your members. 

From first click to lasting impact, orchestrate a journey of engagement and growth with every member. Let's tune up and get started!

Introducing the WishList Member Campaign Refinery Integration

WishList Member Campaign Refinery integration

This integration (available with WishList Member Pro and Elite plans) is all about automating interactions based on member behaviors. Turn their every action into an opportunity for tailored communication.

The Mechanics: Seamless Synchronization

At its core, this integration allows you to apply or remove tags in Campaign Refinery based on a variety of member actions in WishList Member. 

Here is the full list of actions that can trigger an add or remove tag automation in Campaign Refinery:

  • Added: When a member joins a membership level or is added to a membership level.
  • Removed: When a member is removed from a membership level. Members can be removed from a level via admin, level actions, sequential upgrades, and LMS Integrations Actions (eg. via the LearnDash integration)
  • Cancelled: When a member stops or cancels payments to their membership level and no longer have access to protected content.
  • Uncancelled: When a member rejoins a membership level after cancelling, or after a successful rebilling payment after having been cancelled.
  • Expired: When a member's membership has expired after a trial or one-time payment.
  • Unexpired: When a member rejoins a level by renewing membership after expiration.

Each of these actions can trigger specific automations. This isn't just about tracking member movements; it’s about responding to them in the most relevant way possible.

The Benefits: Precision and Personalization

Target with dart in center

What does this mean for your member communications? Precision. Personalization. Impact.

By segmenting your email audience based on these automated tags, your messages hit closer to home. Far from just broadcasting information, you’re engaging in a conversation, tailored to the member's specific journey and needs.

Let's Get Set Up (It's Easy!)

Activate The Integration

Activating this integration is a piece of pie. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to WishList Member > Setup > Integrations > Email Providers > Campaign Refinery

Activae Campaign Refinery Integration

In the box that appears, click the slider to enable Campaign Refinery.

Paste your Campaign Refinery API Key from your Campaign Refinery account and you’re set! Two powerful tools, now synched up and ready to roll!

For a more in-depth, step-by-step run through, check out our WishList Member, Campaign Refinery knowledge doc.

Leveraging Tags: Automated Engagement

Here’s where it gets exciting. From your Campaign Refinery account, you create tags that categorize members based on their actions within WishList Member. 

Campaign Refinery Tags

Whether they’re joining a new level, canceling their subscription, or coming back after a hiatus, each action can be assigned specific tags. This setup allows for incredibly focused and effective communication strategies.

Let’s imagine you have 3 membership levels set up in WIshList Member: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You then create 3 corresponding tags in Campaign Refinery so that you can send emails to only members tagged “Gold”, for example.

In this scenario, you can create automations to add the Bronze tag in Campaign Refinery when a member joins your Bronze level, add a Silver tag when they join your Silver level, and so on. 

Similarly, you can automatically remove these tags when a member cancels their payments and ends their membership.

In this instance, you can also add a new “Cancelled” tag in Campaign Refinery to target these former members in a re-engagement campaign. 

We’ll look at these scenarios in more depth later. 

The Outcome: Targeted Communication

With these tags in place, the communication possibilities are endless. You can reach out to members who have just canceled with messages tailored to bring them back, or nudge lower-level members with compelling reasons to upgrade. 

It's about creating a conversation that feels personal and directly relevant to each member’s experience.

The Big Picture: Beyond the Click

This integration is more than a technical setup; it's a strategy for cultivating relationships with your members. 

From the first click to the lasting impact, each interaction is an opportunity to deepen engagement, increase loyalty, and ultimately, drive growth for your platform.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into how you can use these features to not just communicate, but connect with your members in a way that truly matters.

3 Ways to Supercharge Member Communications Using WishList Member and Campaign Refinery

Now that we've set the stage with the WishList Member and Campaign Refinery integration, let's look more specifically at how you can leverage this powerful combo to enhance your member communications. 

1. Encouraging Upgrades for Lower-Level Members


Direct Approach for Upgrades:

Use the tagging system to identify members at lower levels, like “Bronze”. Then, craft and send personalized messages highlighting the perks of higher tiers. 

You can showcase exclusive benefits, testimonials, or sneak peeks into what the “Silver” or “Gold” levels offer. It’s about painting a picture of what they're missing and making the upgrade irresistible.

Result-Driven Communication:
Focus on the results and experiences of upgrading. Share success stories or case studies of members who’ve moved up and seen tangible benefits. This approach turns abstract perks into real outcomes, making the upgrade more appealing.

2. Reengaging Members Who Cancel


Targeted Reengagement Campaigns:

When a member cancels, automatically tag them as “Cancelled” and initiate a tailored reengagement campaign. 

This campaign can address their possible reasons for leaving, offer special incentives for rejoining, or update them on new features or content that might reignite their interest.

Personalized Follow-Ups:

Follow up with personalized communication that shows understanding and value for their membership. Sometimes, a simple message asking for feedback or offering help can open the door to reengagement.

3. Cross-Selling to Product Purchasers

Cross sell

Identifying Purchasing Patterns:

Tag members based on their purchases, like tagging someone who signed up for a beginner's course as “Course-Beginner”.

Use this information to recommend advanced courses or related products, creating a natural progression in their learning journey.

Creating an Ecosystem of Complementary Products/Services:
Introduce them to other aspects of your platform that complement their purchase. For example, if they’ve bought a course, introduce them to a relevant community group or additional resources.

This strategy is about enhancing their overall experience, not just pushing more products.

Building a Community, Not Just a Customer Base

Group of people engaging with one another in conversation.

Each of these strategies goes beyond traditional member communications. They're about building a community, where each member feels heard and valued. 

Focus on providing messaging that really benefits them, builds their trust in your product, and enhances their experience. 

The Power Of Email Segmentation: A Black Friday Case Study

People sending and receiving emails on different devices

Let's take a look at how one brand hit it out of the park with their Black Friday campaign, boosting sales by an incredible 300% through smart email segmentation. This story is a great showcase of what happens when you get member communications just right.

Strategy Overview

This brand got creative and divided its audience into four groups: non-customers, past customers, existing lower-tiered customers, and top-tier customers. Each group received emails crafted just for them, fitting their unique relationship with the brand.

1. Non-Customers: Show and Tell

For folks who hadn't bought anything yet, the brand rolled out the red carpet. They shared the best parts about their products, topped with some glowing testimonials. The idea was to turn curiosity into clicks and clicks into sales.

They also ran a competition on RafflePress to enhance engagement and incentivize social sharing of their Black Friday offer.

2. Past Customers: Look What’s New

Past customers got a nudge about all the cool new features and updates. The goal was to reignite their interest and bring them back into the fold.

3. Existing Lower-Tiered Customers: Sweet Upgrade Deal

The brand made a tempting offer to their lower-tier customers: upgrade to a better plan for less than the cost of renewing the current one. It was a clever move to show the value of higher tiers for customers.

4. Top-Tier Customers: More to Love

For the loyal top-tier customers, it was all about cross-selling. The brand suggested products that complemented what they already had, making sure these suggestions added real value to their existing investments.

Results and Reflections

This targeted and thoughtful approach really paid off. Engagement, conversions, sales – everything went up. Each group felt like the brand was talking directly to them, which is a big win in the world of marketing.

This Black Friday success story is a testament to the magic of getting your email segmentation just right. By truly understanding different customer needs and speaking their language, this brand saw some amazing results.

Wrapping Up: Making the Most of WishList Member and Campaign Refinery for Awesome Member Communications

A hand reaching for a smiling face indicating a positive review.

Throughout this blog, we've seen how combining WishList Member with Campaign Refinery really steps up your member communications, bringing a fresh and effective approach to connecting with your audience.

By blending the robust functionality of WishList Member with the dynamic email capabilities of Campaign Refinery, you have the power to transform your member engagement strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tailored Communication: With automated tagging and segmentation, you can ensure that every message you send is relevant and personalized, deeply resonating with each member’s unique journey.
  • Enhanced Engagement: From re-engaging past members to enticing current ones to upgrade or explore new products, this integration allows you to create meaningful connections that drive loyalty and growth.
  • Measurable Results: The success stories, like the Black Friday campaign case study, demonstrate the tangible impact of well-executed, segmented communication strategies.

Now, it's your turn to experience the magic of this integration. Explore WishList Member today and see how it can elevate your platform’s communication and member engagement.

If you have any thoughts or experiences to share regarding member communications, or if you're just excited about these possibilities, drop a comment below. We love hearing from our readers!

And don’t forget, for more insightful tips and tricks on membership site management and marketing strategies, subscribe to our blog. Stay tuned, stay informed, and let's keep growing together.

Here's to your success in creating a thriving, engaged community!

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