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Content Control – Overview

The Content Control section in WishList Member provides even more in depth control over your content.

It is comprised of 3 modules. Each providing it's own set of useful features and functionality.

Content Scheduler

The ability to drip content to members based on a specific schedule is a popular delivery method. Content Scheduler allows you to decide who gets content and when that content gets delivered. You set the timeline.

More info on Content Scheduler

Content Archiver

Often referred to as the “magazine method”, content can be accessed by members who are in a Level during the set period of time. Once a selected date hits, new members won't be able to access that archived content while previous members can still access it.

More info on Content Archiver

Content Manager

There are times when you might want to automate the content on your site. Perhaps you want to set a page to repost over the course of the next year. Or, maybe you want to move a post to a protected category after it's been available to the public for a week. These are a sample of what can be done using Content Manager.

More info on Content Manager

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