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PayPal Checkout Integration with WishList Member

WishList Member includes an integration with PayPal Checkout. You can set users to be granted access to your site when they purchase and the payments can be processed through the integration between WishList Member and PayPal Checkout.

More details are explained below (including a Video Tutorial).

To set up the PayPal Checkout integration with WishList Member, navigate to the Setup Menu and Integrations sub-menu:


Select “PayPal Checkout” from the list of Payment Provider integrations:


To use PayPal Checkout, you will need PayPal Business or Premier account You’ll find instructions on how to upgrade your personal account at this link:


Click the “Configure” button:


Enter your PayPal API username, password and signature. You can find this information by clicking the link provided:


That link will take you to a page on PayPal where you will find your API credentials:


Copy and paste your credentials into WishList Member. Then, click on the “Products” tab:


Then, click the “Add New Product” button:


Here, you can edit the details of your membership:


Set the name of the Product and the Membership Level it will have access to. Then, select whether it will be a One-Time Payment or Subscription. For One-Time Payments set the Amount the membership will cost and the currency:


For a Subscription, you can set the following options:

  • Billing Cycle. How often to charge members.
  • Stop After. When to stop charging members. For unlimited, ongoing members, select “Never”. Otherwise, select the number of cycles.
  • Max Failed Attempts. How many times PayPal should attempt to charge a member’s credit card before cancelling their membership.

If you’d like to offer a trial, click the Trial Period checkbox and set the following options:

  • Trial Amount. How much to charge for the trial.
  • Trial Duration. How long the trial should last before implementing the regular billing cycle.

Then, select the “Save and Close” button.

Next, select the “Cancellations” tab:


Here you can set how cancellations are handled for each membership level:

  • Cancel Membership at End of PayPal Subscription. The Membership Level will remain active until the end of the PayPal subscription.
  • Cancel Membership Immediately After PayPal Subscription is Cancelled. The Membership Level will immediately be cancelled in WishList Member when the subscription is cancelled within PayPal.

Next, Add a New WordPress page or post OR editing an existing one that you will use as the sale page for your membership:


Write your sales page accordingly and to insert a “purchase” button use the WishList Member Shortcode Inserter. Select “Integrations” and then “PayPal Checkout Integration:


Select the Product you just created, the type of button you’d like to use and the size of the button. Then, click the “Insert Mergecode” button:


This will insert the necessary shortcode into your page/post:


This will insert the purchase button into your page/post:


Now, when a new member clicks the purchase button, they’ll be taken to a page on PayPal where they can complete their purchase:


Once a member has completed their purchase on PayPal, they will be redirected to the WishList Member registration form:


After registering on this page, your member will be taken to the “After Registration” page set in the Level settings and have access to their membership content.

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