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More Tag Protection – Teaser/Sneak Peek Preview Content

WishList Member includes an option named More Tag Protection.

This allows you to set content Above the More Tag as public and accessible by anyone while the content Below the More Tag is protected and only accessible by Members in the Level(s) you assign.

But, there can sometimes be a misunderstanding about how this option works when it comes to displaying and protecting the teaser/sneak peek content (either in a list format or as a post).

With More Tag Protection, the protection comes into play when the title of the post or the more tag itself is clicked. So, it is typically used for lists of posts

That means if the title of the post or the more tag is clicked on by a non-member, they will be redirected to the Non-Members page. More Details can be found in the More Tag Protection Knowledge Base article.

So when it comes to wanting to present Teaser/Sneak Peek Content in a more effective way, Private Tags offer more flexibility.

Teaser/Sneak Peek content excerpts can be set on the actual page or post when using Private Tags. A listing of posts isn't required to display the teaser content when using Private Tags as the teaser content can be viewed on the piece of content.

Any content you want protected can be placed in the Private Tag while the rest of the content can be viewed by anyone.

The video below explains this along with Private Tags options in more details and provides examples.

Please Note: There is also another option available for Teaser / Sneak Preview content named Gutenberg Blocks Protection. This option allows you to set specific pieces of content within a page or post to be visible or not visible based on membership level(s). More details can be found in the Gutenberg Blocks Protection Knowledge Base article.

More details on Private Tags can be found in the Private Tags Knowledge Base article.

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