Installing CourseCure

The CourseCure plugin can be installed using the .zip file available from the Downloads section of the Customer Center.

The upload/install process can be started by clicking the “Add New” button in the WordPress > Plugins section.

The Add Plugins section will appear and you can now click the “Upload Plugin” button.

A popup will appear showing the files on your computer. You can now locate the CourseCure file in your computer files. The file will typically be found in the Downloads folder.

You can either click the “Select File” button to locate the CourseCure file, or you can drag and drop the file to upload.

WordPress will upload the CourseCure plugin and you can click the blue Active Button to finish the process.

You will be directed to the WordPress Plugins section and will see the CourseCure plugin is now installed and activated.

Clicking the CourseCure item in the menu will direct you to the CourseCure settings and you can configure your first Course.

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