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Courses – Protect a Course

Note: The option to protect a Course only appears if WishList Member is installed.

A full run down to create and setup a Course can be found in this Course – Setup Overview and Course Builder articles.

Covered in this Article:

Protecting a Course using WishList Member

A Course can be set as Protected or Unprotected.

This is located in the Courses > Course Builder > Access section if the WishList Member plugin is installed and activated on the site.

Protection and Access

Protected: Only Users with assigned access can access the Course.

Unprotected: Anyone can access the Course.

The Access tab is used to set the Course as Protected/Unprotected. A blue slider can be used for this. If the Course is Protected, the Access settings can be configured.

If the Course is set as Protected, the desired Level(s) can be set to Access the Course. Only Members who have one or more of the selected Level(s) can Access the Course.

In the example below, only Members who belong to the Platinum, Gold, Silver and/or Bronze Levels can access the Course.

Enable Preview: If Enabled, Users can access a Preview of the Course content. The protected Course content will be open and available to anyone if the Preview option is Enabled. This option overrides the protection settings for the Course. Note: Lessons have their own Preview option which can be set for each Lesson individually in the Lesson Info section.

Enable Liner Course: If Enabled, Users cannot progress to the next Lesson/Module unless the User has completed the current Lesson/Module. Users will need to click the “Next” button to progress through the Course.

Pay Per Course Access

Another option to set Protection and Access to the Course using WishList Member is Pay Per Course. Similar to the Pay Per Post option included with WishList Member, there is a Pay Per Course option included in CourseCure (when WishList Member is also used on the same site).

This allows for specific Courses to be made available individually to Members.

Shopping Cart Integration SKU: This can be used with the chosen integration option in the Setup > Integrations > Payment Providers section of WishList Member. The “Click here for integration instructions” link will direct to that section.

Allow Free Registration for this content: If enabled, anyone who can access the Free Registration URL can sign up for no cost.

Use this course as After Login Page if they have access to it: If enabled, the Course will be displayed as the After Login page to those assigned to the Pay Per Course.

Clicking the blue Manage User Access button will display the Pay Per Course User Access pop up.

This will allow you to select the individual Members who can access the specific Course.

The available search bar can be used to find the specific Members and the green slider can be used to Enable/Disable their specific access.

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