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CourseCure License Activate / Deactivate

The “License and Updates” box appears in the CourseCure > Setup section.

This will display if the CourseCure plugin has been activated or not with a License Key.

Note: Your License Key was provided in an email when you were issued CourseCure. You can also access your License Key in the Downloads section of the WishList Member Customer Center.

Activate the License

You can enter your License Key into the provided field and use the blue Activate License button.

Note: If CourseCure is not activated with a License Key, it will display a message on the top of the site.

You can also use the Check for Updates button at any time to check for updated in real time.

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Once you use the blue Activate License button to activate CourseCure using your License Key, you’ll see the following:

Deactivate the License

If you want to deactivate the License, you can simply use the blue Deactivate License button.

Note: You can also deactivate the License in the Downloads section of the WishList Member Customer Center.

In the Downloads section, Click the + icon to view the activated URL:

The activated URL will be displayed and a blue Deactivate button will appear.

Click the blue Deactivate button to deactivate the license.

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