Maybe the Simplest Way to Win at Online Business (No Matter Your Market)

Maybe the Simplest Way to Win at Online Business (No Matter Your Market)

A classic case of blame game.

A few weeks back, my wife was driving to work and hit a deer. For context, we live “deep” in the Ozarks down in Missouri. So, deer abound. Anyway, she was fine — a little shaken, but fine — but our truck obviously was not.

Did the usual… filed a claim, got it to a body shop, and figured no big deal.

Boy, was I wrong!

The shop did fix it (or so they said) but on the drive home, our dash display lit up like a Christmas tree. Lights I didn't even know existed going off. Plus, the truck was stalling bad and, overall, something just not right.

And that began our saga.

Several weeks of hassling with insurance, several different body shops, towing the truck here, driving it to this mechanic — probably 10-15 different people all telling us different things and pointing the finger at each other.

And a truck that's still not fixed.

Ever experienced something like that?

Remember how it made you feel?

If you have, you know… it's the trump card. You can be the greatest mechanic, restaurant, or online business owner in the world, but it won't matter if you provide shoddy support. In fact, customers will often deal with products that maybe aren't quite as good as their competitors because the support is so good.

Even more, I had a mentor who had built several successful tech companies and his entire startup strategy was based around providing exceptional customer support.

It may just be one of the easiest ways to “win” in online business that doesn't require a ton of marketing talent or the latest whiz-bang camera for recording content, and so on.

Simple customer service.

That might sound a bit too simple, but I've seen it work time and time again.

And especially important when you're talking about membership sites where people are paying you month after month. Your customer service better be on point.

Anyway, a little tidbit that might help you as your build your online business.

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