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Member Payment and Registration Process

Member Payment and Registration - WishList Member

Accepting payments to provide access to a membership is a common need for many site owners. Ensuring the process of users being able to pay and register as simply as possible is important. You want the member payment and registration process to be quick and easy for the user and reliable for you as the site owner.

There are many different online payment providers available and each one has their own set of features and functionality. They also tend to handle the processing of payments a bit differently from each other which means you likely have your own favourite option. WishList Member can be integrated with any payment provider based on the available integration methods

Payment and Registration Process

Once you have integrated with a payment provider, you will be able to insert the payment button or link onto any page or post on your site. Anyone who can view that page or post can use that payment button to start the payment and registration process.

WishList Member automatically takes care of displaying the registration form after a payment has been made through an integrated payment provider. Basically, you don’t need to create your own registration form as that is handled by WishList Member if you have integrated with an option in the Setup > Integrations > Payment Providers section.

Member Payment and Registration - WishList Member

A user clicks to pay and makes their purchase through the integrated payment provider. They are then able to fill out the registration form to become a member.

So, the user will make the payment and will be able to register to complete the creation of their member account.

More details on integrating with a payment provider is available right here.

Custom Registration Form

One thing to note is you do have the option of creating and applying a custom registration form if you would like to collect additional information not included on the standard registration form.

This can be done in the Advanced Options > Registrations > Custom Forms section in WishList Member.

Member Payment and Registration - WishList Member

This form can include extra fields, check boxes, dropdown fields and more.

Member Payment and Registration - WishList Member

More details on custom registration forms is available right here.

Payment Providers that Automatically Create the Member Account

There are some payment providers that will create the member account for the user right after that user has paid. This is related to the fact that some payment providers handle the processing of payments differently and offer different features and functionality.

This means some integrated payment providers won’t display the registration form after payment because that form is unnecessary in those cases. The member doesn't need to fill in the registration form because their account is automatically created after successful payment and the New Member Registration email is sent to them with their username and password.

An example of payment provider integrations with WishList Member that automatically create the member account are included below.

Set WishList Member to Automatically Create an Account for Members

Another option to consider is setting WishList Member to automatically create the member account after a successful payment. Similar to the mentioned payment provider integrations that will automatically create the member account, there is an option for you to set WishList Member to create the account for the member.

This would result in the member not needing to fill out a registration form after payment. They would instead have an account created for them using either their email address or a generated username along with a generated password. The information would be sent to them after their purchase in the New Member Registration email.

You can enable this option in the Setup > Levels > *Click to edit Level > Registrations section in WishList Member.

The option is named “Enable Auto-Created Accounts for Integrations”.

You can Click Here for more details on enabling and using the Enable Auto-Created Accounts for Integrations option. It includes information on setting the username and using a potential delay before creating the member account.

You have a few different options available to you when it comes to the member payment and registration process. This allows you to choose a method that suits you and your members.

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