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PayBlue Integration with WishList Member

To integrate WishList Member with PayBlue, log into your PayBlue account. Under the “Quick Links” section, click the “Account Settings” link.

Scroll down to the section labeled “Default Membership” and select WishList Member from the drop-down.

Now, head to Setup > Integrations in WishList Member and select PayBlue from the list of Payment Providers. You will see your WishList Member API URL and API Key listed here.

Copy these credentials and paste them into the box provided in PayBlue.

Also, enter the URL on your site where members can log into your membership. This can be a page you created or you can use the default WordPress login at: mysite.com/wp-login.php.

Click the “Edit Membership” button to save your settings.

Next, click the “Add New Product” link under the “Main Menu” section.

You can also edit an existing product, if you prefer.

You’ll now see an option asking if this product includes a “Member Site”. Select “Yes” and a dropdown will appear containing the membership levels you’ve created in WishList Member.

Simply, select the level you’d like new members added to when they purchase this product and your integration is all set. Now, simply add your “Pay” links from PayBlue to your sales page, as usual.

And, when someone purchases this product, they’ll be added to the membership level you selected automatically by PayBlue.

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