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Search For Members

To search for a member, navigate to the Members tab in WishList Member.

To perform a simple search:

  1. Enter the name, username or email address of the member in the “Search Users” box provided.
  2. Select a membership level to search within that specific level OR select “All Users” to search all levels.
  3. Select a status to search for OR select “All”.
  4. Then, click the search icon to perform the search.

For advanced search options, click on the “Advanced Search” button.


You can search based on the following criteria:

  • Search. The name, username or email address of the member.
  • Transaction ID. A transaction ID created by your shopping cart provider when a member registers to a paid membership level.
  • Level. By individual membership level or “All Users”.
  • Status. Status codes are explained in detail here.
  • Sequential. Members who have Sequential Upgrade turned “On” or “Off” respectively.
  • Date Range. You can search by Registration Date, Cancellation Date, Expiration Date or by all date ranges.
  • From/To: If a Date Range is selection, you can select that date range using the From/To boxes that will appear.

Once all criteria are entered, click the “Advanced Search” button.

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