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Member Status Codes

When a member registers to a level, depending on the settings for that particular level, a number of status codes may apply to that particular member.

For example, if a member registers to a level that requires admin approval, until their membership to that level is approved by an admin, that member would have a Status Code of “Needs Approval”.

To find Member Status Codes, navigate to Members > Manage in WishList Member. For each member, you’ll see a list of the levels they have been added to. Next to each level name, you’ll see an icon indicating the Status Code for that member. You can hover over the icon to see the text name of the Status Code:

Here is a list of the potential Status Codes a member could have:

  • Active. A member is an active member of a membership level. Their membership is not pending for any reason (admin approval, email confirmation, etc).
  • Inactive. A member is inactive for a particular membership level. This could be for several reasons: cancelled, expired, needs approval, unconfirmed, etc.
  • Cancelled. A member has been cancelled from a level. This can be done manually or automatically by your shopping cart provider if a payment fails, for example.
  • Expired. A level that has expiration turned on and the member has met the criteria for being expired. For example, the level is set to expire for members 7 days after registration and the member registered 9 days ago.
  • Unconfirmed. A membership level that requires email confirmation from the member and the member has not yet confirmed their email address.
  • Needs Approval. A membership level that requires admin approval and an admin has not yet approved the member’s registration to that level.
  • Sequential Upgrade Stopped. A level that has a Sequential Upgrade routine in place, but the member has been stopped from continuing through that upgrade process.

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