Emails Not Being Sent

If you have issues with sending emails, there are a few things to check.

Check Sender Email:

A possible fix is to check the Sender Email in the Advanced Options > Global Defaults > Email Section of WishList Member.

Check to ensure that the email address is a valid email address based on the site domain name.

Example: If the site is then the sender email is typically something like

Email Subject Line:

Check that the subject of the email(s) being sent does not include Re:

Some servers will view emails that contain Re: in the subject line as spam and will not send them.

Test If WordPress Is Sending Emails:

Test to see if your WordPress is sending emails.

WishList Member uses the default wp_mail function in WordPress to send emails.

So, if WordPress cannot send emails, neither can WishList Member.

A number of issues could prevent emails from being sent using your WordPress site.

To test this, use the “Lost your password” feature that is located on the WordPress login screen to see if WordPress is sending emails.

You can add /wp-login.php to the end of the site URL to view the WordPress Login page.

If you use the “Lost your password” feature and do Not receive an email yourself, this typically means that your WordPress is not sending emails and you can read the “SMTP Plugin” option below for more details (or contact your hosting company to ask them why emails are not sending).

SMTP Plugin:

WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send email notifications by default so WishList Member uses the same function. But this function may not work as expected sometimes due to a number of reasons:

– Many WordPress hosting companies will restrict the usage of this function to prevent the possibility of abuse and spam.

– Spam filters in place on popular email service providers check incoming emails to monitor if they are sent from an authentic mail server. The default WordPress emails can fail this check and sometimes may not even reach the spam folder.

These types of issues can typically be resolved by using a WordPress SMTP Plugin to assist in the sending of those emails.

The “WP Mail SMTP” plugin is a popular option (but there are a few SMTP plugins you can search for and choose from in the WordPress Plugins Repository)

We recommend installing a WordPress SMTP Plugin and configuring it and then testing the email functionality again on your site to see if that resolves your issue. The use of an SMTP plugin will usually resolve any issues with WordPress not sending emails.

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