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Presenting an organized list of members can be quite beneficial for a membership site. This allows members to see who else is in their community and can lead to further interaction (which also leads to member retention). Do you provide a member directory on your membership site?

WishList Member doesn't include built in functionality to create and display a members directory. But there is an easy option to consider in a case like this. It has to do with how member accounts are created when using the WishList Member plugin.

Creating Members in WishList Member

Members are created in WishList Member using the WordPress user database. This means if you use a WordPress plugin that displays a list of users, it can very likely be used to display a list of members. The majority of plugins that display WordPress users will automatically display members.

User Directory plugins are often customizable and include many options to control how they look and how they function. So you could use one of these plugins to display a list of members on your site.

You could even use the content protection settings in WishList Member to protect the page the user directory is placed on. This would mean only logged in members could see the directory of members. If you only wanted to allow members in the Gold level to view the directory, you could place it on a protected page that only Gold members can access. This would make the directory a perk for the Gold membership level.

WordPress User Directory Plugins

A search for the term “User Directory” in the WordPress Plugins directory provides a selection of available plugin options for listing users.

Member Directory - WishList Member

You can include a member directory on your membership site and encourage your members to interact with each other. This can raise the member engagement and retention across your site.

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