Video Category: Build Your Membership Site

drip content

8. Drip Content

This section is about how to drip content out to your members with WishList Member. As I mentioned in the previous tutorial, this is a

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set up an error page

6. Set Up Error Pages

Next, we’ll need to set up your error pages. “What are those?”, you might be wondering. Some examples will help. Let’s say someone tries to

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protect a post

3. Protect a Post

Now that you have your membership level created, you can protect a post with WishList Member. WishList Member can protect posts, pages, and any custom

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Create a Membership Level

2. Create a Membership Level

Now that you have WishList Member installed and activated, it’s time to create a membership level. Membership levels are the gatekeepers of the protected content. WishList

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Install WishList Member

1. Install WishList Member

Welcome to WishList Member’s Quick-Start Video Series! In this first video, you’ll learn how to install and activate the WishList Member plugin on your WordPress

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