Frank Kern’s $522,000/Month Membership Program

Frank Kern’s $522,000/Month Membership Program

Potato peels.

Who knew? I guess, maybe you did… but I didn't. Potato peels in the garbage disposal… not a good idea. Next thing I know, I'm slamming a plunger up and down on my kitchen sink. That was after my favorite tactic, “ignore it and hope it goes away”, followed by Drano, then some more Drano, blame others and, finally, “accepting I'll have to call a plumber”.

Wouldn't you know… about an after I give up and accept my fate, the sinks drain and, like magic, it's fixed.

I guess the Drano finally did its thing.

Anyway, it's that feeling that I'm getting at… watching the problem get flushed away and I'm left with a nice, clean sink.

It's just like Frank Kern.

Yes, that Frank Kern. The “infamous” one — and one of the most successful online marketers on the planet. I was listening to his podcast the other day and he was talking about the moment he discovered the power of membership. To use his words: “It seemed like I was on this endless hamster wheel.” And then, after doing a deep dive, he realized that a membership program he'd barely promoted and mostly ignored had been one of his most profitable products.

He immediately “flushed” everything he was doing and focused solely on his membership program.

The result?

Again, to use his words: “$522,000/month in recurring revenue and I'm having the time of my life.”

Now, obviously, Frank is a very talented marketer. Not everyone is going to get results like him. So, this isn't some clever insinuation that you're going suddenly make half a mil per month when you start your own membership program.

But, it does illustrate the power of membership and why virtually every top online business person has a membership program. As Gary Vaynerchuck says, “They work… for a million different reasons.”

But, more importantly than the recurring revenue is that second part of Kern's quote: “I'm having the time of my life.” It's that same fresh, clean feeling of wiping away everything else that you're doing and focusing on a single thing… that you know works. Getting off that hamster wheel and enjoying how you make your living.

It's not just making money… it's doing it simply. Without creating 100 different courses and websites and hacking this together here and that there. Clean, simple, and profitable. What you'll find is, long-term, that is the bigger benefit.

Anyway, some food for thought as you ponder the future of your online business (or the one you're planning to start).

Obviously, as a company that creates membership software, we're biased. No hiding that. But, if most of the top online business people are doing it, there just might be something to it. Something to consider.

Another thing to consider… how do you build your membership program up to $522,000/month? We won't say we have all the answers, but after helping tens of thousands of other online business owners build their membership programs, we've picked up a few marketing tricks along the way. If you'd like to know the 5 most effective, you can grab the free video below that'll show you:

Watch the 5 Marketing Secrets Video

From over 100,000 membership sites, the 5 most impactful marketing secrets we’ve learned.

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