When it comes to offering Upsells, it depends on a few factors.

Different payment providers handle the potential of Upsells in their own ways. Some payment providers offer their own Upsell option while other don't. That being said, there are ways to offer an Upsell if the payment provider you're using doesn't include their own method.

There are also options on when to offer the Upsell. We get into the details below.

Three Options for Upsells:

1. Offer the Upsell BEFORE the Purchase

A page can be set up to display a button/link that a User can click to “Register for Silver Level”. But instead of that button/link directing the User to a standard payment/registration for the Silver Level, it directs them to an Upsell page you can create to offer the “Gold Level” before they buy the Silver Level.

The User can view the info explaining the benefits of getting the Gold Level on that Upsell page and they can choose to buy the Gold Level or they can still buy the Silver Level if they don't want the Upsell to the higher Level.

The purchase links/buttons for the Silver Level and Gold Level would be displayed on the Upsell page and the user can choose which Level they want to buy at that point.

This option can be set up as described above using pages and links.

The Upsell page could also display multiple Upsells if you wanted. Each payment link/button directs to the purchase/registration for the Level the User chooses. They can select one Level to purchase at a time.

2. Offer the Upsell DURING the Purchase

This is something WishList Member doesn't directly control. This Upsell method is typically handled by the payment provider. It will depend on the payment provider being used if this method is possible for you.

Some payment providers that offer an Upsell option are listed below. (You can check with your preferred payment provider to find out what they specifically offer).

– 1ShoppingCart
– Clickbank
– Clickbank Pitch Plus
– Cydec
– JVZoo
– PayBlue
– PayKickstart
– plug&paid
– SamCart
– ThriveCart
– WooCommerce (using CartFlows Pro)

3. Offer the Upsell AFTER the Purchase

In this example, a User would purchase/register for the Silver Level and be redirected to the set After Registration page based on the standard WishList Member functionality.

When using this method, an Upsell message/offer for the Gold Level can be added to the After Registration Page. You can add a purchase/registration option and the price would be the cost of the Gold Level minus the cost of the Silver Level (or whatever you want the price to be).

The User clicks the payment link/button and goes through the purchase/registration process again, this time for the Gold Level. The “I have an existing account” option on the Registration Form can come into play in this scenario.

You can customize the After Registration page to show the Upsell. That all being said, this is similar to a One Time Offer (OTO) since the After Registration page is typically only seen once by the User.

You might also want to set an Action for Members to be removed from the Silver Level if they join the Gold Level. Otherwise, they would be a member of both Levels. Of course, if you want to keep them in two Levels, you have that option as well.

You would also need to cancel any subscription plan in the payment provider if there is one tied to the Silver Level if you want to prevent two payment subscriptions.

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