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Some sites/server environments will have a set limit to the size of plugins that can be uploaded through the WordPress Plugin Upload feature.

Example Error Message: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini

If you see an error message regarding the size of the plugin trying to be uploaded, you can use a plugin like Upload Larger Plugins to increase the file upload size for plugins.

We did not develop this plugin but it allows for larger plugins to be installed once it has been installed on the site.

There are no additional settings to adjust with this plugin. It can be installed and then larger plugins should be able to be uploaded.

Below is an excerpt from the Description of this plugin in the WordPress Plugins directory:

“This plugin replaces the built-in WordPress plugin uploader with one that allows you to upload a plugin of any size.

This is something you might need if your web hosting has a low maximum file upload limit (some default PHP installs have 2MB), and the plugin you wish to install is too large for this.

It accomplishes this task by replacing WordPress’s default plugin uploader with a more sophisticated component that can upload larger files in chunks. You just install this plugin, activate it, and that’s it – you can now get back to the real work.”

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