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WooCommerce Integration – Selling a WooCommerce Product on your Site

WishList Member includes an integration with WooCommerce. This article focuses on the process of selling a WooCommerce product that has been integrated with WishList Member.

It runs through the user perspective and the admin perspective.

Please Note: The WooCommerce plugin will need to be installed on the site in order to set up or use the integration with WishList Member.

More details on the initial setup and overview are available in the WooCommerce Integration – Overview documentation.

Details on additional settings and options included in the WishList Member / WooCommerce integration are included at the bottom of this article.

The WooCommerce Product(s) will be available on the site for purchase.

You can get a direct link to a Product in the WooCommerce Products section.

In this example, there is a product in WooCommerce named Bronze Membership. It has been configured to add anyone who purchases that product to the corresponding Bronze membership level in WishList Member.

The link can be used as a direct link to purchase the product and provide access to any corresponding membership level(s).

User View Example

Below is an example of this purchase option on the site. The “Add to cart” button will allow the user to pay using the WooCommerce cart.

The user will run through the WooCommerce purchase process, entering their name, email address, payment info, etc.

Once the order is placed, a Member account is created in WishList Member based on the info used to purchase. An email is sent to the member including their login information.

A random password is automatically generated for the member and is included in the welcome email.

Below is an example of the email.

The Member is automatically logged into the site after purchase/registration and can use their account info to login at any point moving forward.

Admin View Example

The site Admin can now see that new member in the Members > Manage section of WishList Member.

WooCommerce Coupons

WooCommerce allows for the creation and management of coupons. This allows a site admin to offer discounts through coupons.

The coupons are available in the Marketing > Coupons section of WooCommerce.

Please Note: These coupons are powered by WooCommerce so all settings, functionality, etc. are handled by WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Integration – Overview and Access Settings

WooCommerce Integration – Member Pricing

WooCommerce Integration – Product Category Member Pricing

WooCommerce Integration – Global Member Pricing

WooCommerce Integration – Setting Access and Member Pricing in WishList Member

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