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Clickbank Integration with WishList Member

WishList Member includes an integration with ClickBank. You can set users to be added to a membership level in WishList Member if they purchase through ClickBank.

More details are explained below (including a Video Tutorial).

Enable ClickBank Integration

To set up the ClickBank integration with WishList Member, navigate to the Setup Menu and Integrations sub-menu:


Select “ClickBank” from the list of integrations:


Connecting WishList Member and ClickBank

Click the “Configure” button:


In the pop-up that appears, enter your ClickBank Account Nickname/Vendor ID in the box provided:


For the ClickBank Secret Key, log into your ClickBank account and navigate to Vendor Settings then “My Site”:


Scroll down to the “Advanced Tools” section and click “Edit”:


You may already have a Secret Key specified here. If so, simply use the one you already have. If not, you’ll need to create one.

Important Note

Your key must be all uppercase and not more than 15 characters.

Once created, enter the key in the box provided by ClickBank.

Then, head back to WishList Member and paste the key in the box provided there:


Click “Save and Close”.

Next, copy the Thank You/Instant Notification URL provided by WishList Member:


Head, back to ClickBank and paste the URL into the Advanced Tools section. Also, be sure to select the latest version from the “version” drop down:


Click “Save Changes” to save your Secret Key and Instant Notification URL.

Integrating ClickBank Products with WishList Member

Next, navigate to “My Products”:


Click the “Recurring Billing Products” tab:


Then select “Add New Product”:


Select “Recurring Digital Product” from the drop down:


Set up the product according to your preferences. Be sure to paste the Thank You/Instant Notification URL from WishList Member into the Thank You Page and Mobile Thank You Page URL boxes provided:


Click “Save and Request Approval” once you’ve set up your product completely.

Important Note

If a member of ClickBank’s support staff contacts you about accessing the Thank You Page URL, tell them to complete a test purchase to view the page. Since the Thank You Page is protected by WishList Member (to stop fraudulent registrations from occurring), they will not be able to visit the URL directly without completing a test purchase.

Next, note the “Item ID”, ClickBank assigns to your new product:


Navigate to the “Products” tab in WishList Member:


Click the “Add New Product” button:


In the pop-up that appears, enter the “Item ID” from ClickBank and select the membership level this product should give new members access to:


Click “Save and Close”.

Selling your Product (with Connected Membership Level)

Now, when someone purchase this product in ClickBank, they’ll be added to the specified level in WishList Member.

You will now see the product you created in the list of products in WishList Member. Copy the “Payment Link” provided and use this link as the URL in your purchase button on your sales page:


Video Tutorial

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