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Delete WishList Member Tables

There are some tables that remain after deactivating and deleting the WishList Member plugin. Those tables can be deleted if you want to remove all info.

Please Note, if you delete the WishList Member tables they cannot be restored. This will delete All WishList Member information on the site. Any members would still appear as users in the WordPress Users section since that info is stored in the WordPress tables. But those users wouldn't have any WishList Member info tied to them (Levels, etc.)

The WishList Member tables include wlm_ or wlcc_ after the WordPress table Prefix.

The WordPress table prefix is wp_ so all WishList Member related tables will start with wp_wlm_ or wp_wlcc_

For example: wp_wlm_options and wp_wlcc_contentarchiver are WishList Member tables.

First, you need to deactivate the license on the WishList Member dashboard and then deactivate the WishList Member plugin in the WordPress Plugins section.

If you don't do the deactivation first before deleting the tables, the tables would get re-created.

So, the WishList Member tables in the database have wp_wlm_ and wp_wlcc_ prefixes.

You can do a search in the WordPress database for wp_wlm_ and wp_wlcc_ prefixes.

Below are an example of some of the WishList Member tables:


WishList Member also creates the following folders under wp-content which can be deleted:


You can delete the tables once you've uninstalled and deleted the WishList Member plugin.

Here is a screenshot showing how you can search for wlm_ as that should display all WishList Member related tables. You can also search for wp_wlm_ and wp_wlcc_ and wishlist.

That being said, it's important to note you should back up your database before deleting in case you run into any unexpected issues and want to roll back.

Please be sure to create a full and complete back up of your WordPress site/database before deleting any tables.

Once you create the WordPress site/database back up you can delete those tables.

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