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Custom Registration Form – Apply to Level

Once a Custom Registration Form has been created, it can be applied to a membership level.

More details are available on creating a custom registration form in the Registrations article.

Once you create a custom registration form, you can apply it to a membership level.

This is a quick process and can be done in the Setup > Levels > *Click on Level Name* > Registrations section of WishList Member.

Once you “Enable Custom Registration Form”, a dropdown will appear and you can select the custom registration form from the list. The example below shows the Custom Registration Form #2 option.

Selecting the custom registration form will apply it to the membership level. Anyone registering for this level will now use the set custom registration form.

Viewing a Custom Fields Entered by a User

You can see the information a user entered into a registration form in the Members > Manage Members > *Click to Edit User* section in WishList Member.

The Edit Member popup will appear and you can view any filled in custom field in the Other Fields tab.

The example screenshot below shows the user selected “My favorite color is blue” when they filled in the custom registration form.

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