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Change Date Format for Mergecodes and Shortcodes

When it comes to displaying a date, WishList Member uses the Date Format set in WordPress.

You can view and edit the Date Format in the Settings > General section of WordPress.

If you change the Date Format in WordPress, it will also change the Date Format to match for WishList Member Mergecodes and Shortcodes.

If you want to change the Date Format in a specific WishList Member Mergecode or Shortcode (and don't want to change the WordPress Date Format), you can add a parameter.

In the case below, the Date Format is being changed to Day/Month/Year.


As an example, the typical Expiration Date Mergecode for a Level named Bronze appears as the following:

[wlm_expiration Bronze]

If you wanted to change the Date Format, you can add format=”d/m/Y” to the Mergecode:

Example: [wlm_expiration Bronze format=”d/m/Y”]

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