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Recurly Integration with WishList Member

Navigate to Setup > Integrations inside WishList Member™ and select Recurly from the list of Payment Providers. Click the “Configure” button and you’ll see the first thing you need is your Private API Key from Recurly.

So, log into your Recurly account.

On the left-hand menu, select “API Credentials” under the Developer section. Copy the Private Key from the API Credentials page.

Navigate back to WishList Member™ and paste the Private Key into the box provided. Then, click the “Save and Close” button.

Next, select the “Products” tab in WishList Member™.

Copy the SKU of the membership level you’d like to integrate with a Recurly plan. Then, navigate back to Recurly.

This time, select “Subscription Plans” under the Configuration section. If the Recurly plan you want to integrate already exists, click on its name to edit it. Or, click the “New Plan” button to create a new plan.

Most of the information about your plan is non-essential for integrating with WishList Member™ and you can fill it out however you’d like. However, there are two pieces of information you’ll need to set explicitly:

Accounting Code. Paste the SKU you copied from WishList Member™ into the box provided.

Return URL After Success. Copy the “Push Notification URL” provided by WishList Member and paste it into the box provided. Then add this line to the END of that URL:


So, the full URL should look similar to this:


Then, click the “Save Plan” button to save your settings.

Navigate back to WishList Member™ to the Products tab. Select the membership level you’re currently integrating. And, from the dropdown, select the Recurly plan you just edited or created.

Next, copy the “Push Notification” URL from WishList Member™, once again. Navigate back to Recurly and select “Webhooks” under the Developer section. Then, click the “Configure” button.

Paste the URL you copied into the “Webhook URL” box provided. The HTTP Auth Username and HTTP Auth Password boxes can be left blank. Click the “Update Configuration” button to save your settings.

All that’s left now is to place a “Buy Now” link on your sales page. To do that, navigate back to “Subscription Plans” in Recurly. Click on the plan you’d like to link to and you’ll see the “Hosted Page URL”. Copy that and use that as your “Buy Now” link on your sales page.

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