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Issue a Certificate to a Member

Issue certificates to members - WishList Member

You may have times when you would like to issue certificates to members on your site. Your site may offer a certification program and you would like to provide an actual certificate when a member completes a course. Or perhaps you would like to give a certificate to a member who you’ve noticed has been helping others within your community.

WishList Member doesn’t include built in functionality to issue a certificate to a member. But there is an option that should work for you. It has to do with how member accounts are created in WishList Member.

Creating Members in WishList Member

Members are created in WishList Member using the WordPress user database. This means if you use a WordPress plugin that issues certificates to users, it could also be used to issue certificates to members.

A plugin that creates certificates often includes settings and options to customize the appearance of the certificate. You can likely include your site logo, adjust colors and tailor the certificate to fit your needs.

If this sounds appealing to you while setting up your membership site, issuing certificates to members could be something to add to your community.

WordPress User Certificate Plugins

A search for the term “User Certificates” in the WordPress Plugins directory provides a selection of available plugin options for issuing certificates.

Issue certificates to members - WishList Member

You can issue a certificate to members as a reward for accomplishing a goal or for participating within the community on your site. This can help encourage interaction among members and also boost member retention.

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