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iDevAffiliate Integration with WishList Member

WishList Member includes an integration with iDevAffiliate. You can set specific commissions based on levels within your site.

This can include setting a percentage based commission or a fix rate commission for any level. These are just a couple examples. More details are explained below (including a Tutorial Video).

Enable iDev Integration

First, you can select and enable the iDev option in the Setup > Integrations > Other Systems section of WishList Member.

The Settings tab will appear and the iDevAffiliate URL field will be displayed. This is because WishList Member and iDev need to be connected using the iDevAffiliate URL provided by iDev. This is a quick process (more details below).

The iDevAffiliate URL can be found in the System Settings > General Settings > Location Settings section of the iDev site when logged into the site.

The process of connecting WishList Member and iDev using the iDevAffiliate URL is explained in more detail in the Tutorial Video below.

It also walks through the Next Steps in the process of setting up commissions based on levels.

Tutorial Video

For Reference (with Time Stamps)

The following is explained in the Tutorial Video above and is included here with Time Stamps for quick reference.

0:01 Activating and Enabling the iDev integration.

0:20 Connecting WishList Member and iDev using the iDevAffiliate URL.

1:08 The Pricing & Commissions tab. This is where commissions can be configured for a level within WishList Member.

1:38 The Editing iDev Affiliate Settings for Level popup. This is where specific commission settings can be configured for a specific level.

Currency: This can be set in the Account > System Settings > Localization > Multicurrency section of iDev.

Initial Price: The initial purchase price for the level.

Recurring Price: The recurring price that will be charged after the initial price.

Fixed Commissions: If enabled, a fixed price can be set for the commissions. If disabled, the commission rate set in iDev will be used.

Initial Commission: The fixed rate for the initial commission.

Recurring Commission: The fixed rate for the recurring commission.

3:23 Create Payout Levels / Manage Payout Levels in iDev. These are taken into account if a Fixed Commission has not been set in WishList Member.

3:48 Shopping Cart Integration section in iDev. This is where WishList Member can be enabled as the Cart/Merchant.

4:24 Additional instructions on testing the integration with WishList Member and iDev.

4:42 Wrap up / summary of WishList Member and iDev integration.

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