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Checking For a Successful Request

An API request can either by successful or not. The best way to explain how to check for this is...

Checking For Supported Verbs

Each request to an API Resource except for the /resources and /auth resources will also return a list of supported...

WebHooks Integration with WishList Member

The Webhooks Integration with WishList Member allows WishList Member to send (outgoing) data when certain events occur in WishList Member...

WishList Member API 2.0 Documentation and Wrapper Class

Download the API 2.0 documentation Download the API Wrapper Class

Digest Auth Username and API Key / Digest Auth Password

What is a Digest Auth Username? How about a Digest Auth Password? WishList Member includes an API and the authentication...

API URL – WishList Member API Data Not Being Received

WishList Member includes an API and a selection of the included integration options create a connection using that API. The...

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