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Overview of the WishList Member API

The WishList Member Application Programming Interface (API) version 2.0 provides an easy way for third-party developers to create applications that...


Using wlmapiclass.php To make things easier for third-party developers, we developed a PHP class to handle most of the hard...

POST: Creating New Data

Where possible, WishList Member allows you to create new data through the API by making a HTTP POST request to...

GET: Retrieving Data

The GET method is most probably going to be the most used method when using the API. It allows you...

PUT: Updating Data

The PUT method allows you to update the data in resources that support it. Syntax $response = $api->put($resource , $data);...

DELETE: Deleting Data

The DELETE method will let you delete specific resources such as members, membership levels, etc. Note that this action cannot...

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