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In this video you’ll learn how to blacklist members inside WishList Member — a membership site plugin for WordPress. Membership sites are a great way to add recurring revenue to your online income mix and WishList Member is the premier plugin for turning your WordPress site in to a membership site.

Video Transcription

Now, if you remember from the Manage Members video, what we did there, when you open up a member and are able to edit them in that screen, then you can also one of the options is you can add them to the Blacklist right there. This is also if you just want to see who’s on your Blacklist, and maybe you want to remove somebody as well, you can come in here and do that as well, but this is fairly straightforward for the email Blacklist. Whatever the email address is, you just type it in here and that will keep that email address from being able to sign up.

You can also use wildcards. So if you want a specific email address, this is if you want all email addresses from a particular domain, and this is if you want all email addresses from a particular top level domain. That’s a pretty broad stroke here, so I doubt in most cases, you’re going to want to do that. This here is even pretty broad, so I’m not sure, but if there’s an email service provider that’s just notorious for spam and you don’t want to have anybody using that email address to be able to sign up to your WordPress membership site, you can certainly do that. Most of the time, I would say you’re probably going to do this specific one here. So again, just add the email address and that will block them.

IP addresses. Know if you’re familiar with IP addresses or maybe using a security plugin, like Wordfence or security or whatever and you’re seeing IP addresses, that it is blocking and is flagging and so forth. And you want to add those over here. Usually if they’re blocking them, then it’s not necessarily something you’re going to have to worry about, or maybe your host is contact you and said this IP, they’ve been just hitting your site over and over again, or you’re getting any sort of weird issue and you just want to block that IP address and you have it, you can certainly enter it here. Again, you can do the full IP address. You can use a wildcard for different levels of the IP address here as well. Essentially, this will get broader and broader in terms of what it blocks, the fewer numbers you enter here.

So yeah, just be a little bit careful with that. You could end up blocking a whole swath of people you didn’t really want to. So generally, it’s probably best to be very specific with it, but again, you can enter those here. Then down here, you can edit the messages people will see. So if their email is blocked, this is the message they’ll see, and you can sort of edit that. The IP is blocked, this is the message they’ll see, and then this is what they’ll see if both are blocked. And so you can enter that message here as well. Hit save and you’re all set to go. So it’s pretty straightforward in terms of how to actually use this particular tool. It’s just a matter of having the IP or having the email address.

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Unlimited Membership Levels

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Total Content Control

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50+ Integrations

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Fast & Friendly Support

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