• Registration Hooks

    wishlistmember_registration_page (filter) Applied to the WishList Member registration page wishlistmember_after_registration_page (filter) Applied to the page that redirects to the configured...
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  • Shopping Cart Hooks

    wlmem_paypal_ipn_response (action) Called after receiving a successful IPN from Paypal wishlistmember_shoppingcart_register (action) Called when a new member is signed-up via...
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  • Membership Level Hooks

    wishlistmember_remove_user_levels (action) Called when a member is removed from one or more levels Parameters: $id – Member ID $levels –...
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  • Content Hooks

    wishlistmember_add_categories_levels (action) Called when a category is added to one or more levels Parameters: $id – Category ID $levels –...
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