WishList Member API

WishList Member API

The ability to connect to the WishList Member API allows you to customize your membership site and work directly with the code. This makes for a powerful option for anyone looking to create a customized solution.

The available WordPress-style functions let you connect to and interact with WishList Member inside of plugins and themes that you can write. This means you can really get creative.

You are able to view and edit the general API settings in the Advanced Options > API section in WishList Member.

WishList Member API

There are three available fields. They are displayed in the screenshot below and a summary of each is also included.

WishList Member API

WishList Member API Details

  • API URL The API URL option cannot be edited but is required for developers to access the WLM API when using the API Key method.
  • Digest Auth Username The Digest Auth Username option cannot be edited but is required for developers to access the WLM API when using the Digest Auth method.
  • API Key / Digest Auth Password This key/password is used by developers to access the WLM API. It is also used by certain WishList Member integrations. Any integrations that use the API Key/Digest Auth Password would need to be updated and reconnected if this key/password is modified.

Please Note: The API URL and API Key option works with the older authentication method. The Digest Auth Username and Digest Auth Password option works with both the older method (using just the API Key) and also works with the more standard HTTP Digest Authentication by using the Digest Auth Username and the Digest Auth Password.

You can also check out additional API Documentation at any time right here.

Video Tutorial

WishList Member API Documentation

You can learn more about the WishList Member API in the following articles:

WishList Member API 2.0 Documentation and Wrapper Class

WishList Member API Additional Documentation

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