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“Access To” Setting – Level with Access to All Pages / Posts

If you see a message stating “Level with access to all pages: Platinum” in the WishList Member section when editing a page or post in WordPress, it means the access has already been set for that content using the default blanket settings in the “Access To” column in the Setup > Levels > *Click to Edit Level* > Access section in WishList Member.

“Access To” Setting

This screenshot shows the Access To setting enabled for All Pages for the Platinum level.

WishList Member - Access To Setting

This means the Platinum level can access all pages on the site. The screenshot above actually shows the Platinum level has access to All Posts, All Pages, All Comments, and All Categories. But this example below is focused on the All Pages option.

“Access” Section in WishList Member when editing a WordPress Page

This means when you edit a page in WordPress, you will see the following message under the WishList Member > Access section.

Level with access to all pages: Platinum

WishList Member - "Access" Section

You won't need to set the Platinum level to be able to access the individual page since it can already access All Pages. If there is a page you don't want the Platinum level to access, you can disable the All Pages option for the Access To setting for the level. You would then be able to set individual access to pages for the Platinum level.

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