Introducing the WishList Member Courses Add-on

Create a fully-customizable course website (that YOU own) without expensive monthly fees or thousands in web development costs.

Jan Koch

Jan Koch


Beta-Tester of the Courses Add-on

WishList Member is one of my go-to plugins for building memberships and their new suite of add-ons is the icing on the cake. Their Courses Add-on will be invaluable for virtual summit hosts who want to turn their summits into courses and, of course, for education entrepreneurs creating courses. I love their dedication to helping their customers succeed, which reflects in their quality of plugins and support.

Say Goodbye to Cookie-Cutter Designs and Expensive Monthly Fees With the Brand New Courses Add-on For WishList Member

Power your entire online business inside a single, integrated platform

Quick, Intuitive and Easy to Use

Create a new course in just a matter of minutes. The Courses Add-on was designed by course creators for creators. It’s built from the ground-up to be fast so you don’t spend hours adding new courses so you can focus on teaching and marketing.

Lightning-Fast Course Builder

We've analyzed every click and keystroke to make our course-builder the fastest in the industry. No complicated maze of options or endless wizards. Create your entire course in a matter of minutes.

Course Progress Tracking

Progress tracking built right in. Nothing to configure, no plugins to install. Your student's progress is automatically tracked and displayed throughout the included professionally-designed template.

Course Previews

Let prospective students preview certain lessons in your course with the simple flip of a switch. No hacking around settings or extra plugins required. Simply enable the preview for a lesson and you're set.

All the Functionality, None of the Bloat

Courses, Gamification, Quizzes… you can do it all, but with full control over the exact features you want to use. Go hog wild and enable every add-on for maximum functionality OR keep your course platform lean and mean by enabling only the course functionality — and every option in between. It’s YOUR platform built the way YOU want.

Enable Add-ons

Easily enable and disable add-ons to use only the functionality you want. Keep your site lean and mean by only using one or two of the included add-ons. Or, go hog wild and enable everything. The WishList Member Add-ons plugin will include Courses, Points, Badges and Quizzes and many more add-ons coming in the future.

WishList Member Integration

The Courses add-on has been built on the WishList Member backbone -- meaning all the protection and access settings for your course are managed by the industry-standard WishList Member plugin. Nothing extra or new to learn. NOTE: This also means WishList Member is required to in order to use the Courses add-on.

WordPress Coding Standards

The entire plugin has been coded from the ground up to be WordPress standards-compliant. That means a faster, more manageable, easier to update plugin. You won't have to worry about the plugin slowing down your site and new features and upgrades will come fast without a bunch of issues upgrading.

Fully Customizable Yet Ready Out of the Box

We’ve included a professionally-designed template you can use right out of the box (and we will be adding more), but, if you prefer, you can use a page-builder (like Elementor, Divi or any other) to fully customize your course library while still utilizing the Course features you want.

Professionally-Designed Template

Create a new course in just a matter of minutes. The Courses Add-on was designed by course creators for creators. It's built from the ground-up to be fast so you don't spend hours adding new courses so you can focus on teaching and marketing.

Course Library Page

The included template features a beautifully-designed Course Library page. Display all courses with Smart Display™ to indicate which courses a user has access to OR only display the courses a users has purchases. Fully customizable with your your colors and graphics.

Single Lesson

The Single Lesson page features a gorgeous video player that supports all the common video providers like YouTube and Vimeo... plus support for custom embed code so you can any provider you prefer. This page also features built-in progress tracking with Live Update™ so users can mark and track progress in real-time. Comments, gamification and more all built right into the template.

Course Index Page

The Course Index page shows off your course and gets students excited to continue learning. Progress tracking is built right in and Smart Buttons™ mean users can pick up right where they left off. We've also automatically included both Udemy-style Course Preview and Lesson Preview so non-students can preview the course and decide to purchase.

Single Module Page

For modular courses, we've also included a professionally-designed Module Index page. You can include a module overview (text and/or video) plus the lesson list and progress tracking (for that specific module) are built right in.

Fully Mobile Responsive

And, of course, the entire template is fully mobile responsive so it'll work on phones, tablets and computers. There's nothing to configure or worry about. We've done all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you do best: create and sell your online courses.

Fully Customize Every Page

If you prefer, you can fully customize every page in your course website. The Courses Add-on is fully compatible with page-builders like Elementor, Divi and Gutenberg so you can make your pages look exactly how you want.

Blocks (Coming Soon)

Blocks, elements and widgets with the unique Courses functionality (progress tracker, course lists, etc) you'll want to add to your custom designs so you get the best of both worlds: the functionality you want, designed YOUR way.

Easily Gamify Your Course Libary

The included Points and Badges add-ons let you easily gamify your course library and/or membership to make your student’s learning fun and increase engagement. Both add-ons have been designed to work intuitively with the Courses Add-on and each other to give you a fully gamified course platform without a bunch of technical mess.

Points Add-on

With the included Points Add-on, you can reward members for logging in, leaving a comment, number of comments, completing a course, passing a quiz and more. And redeem the points for access to extra content and more. All built right in with nothing extra to install.

Badges Add-on

Gamify your course library with the Badges add-on. Students can earn badges based on points earned, passing a quiz, completing a course and more. Upload your own custom icons or use our included library. All built right in with nothing extra to install.

Quizzes Add-on

Create quizzes to test your student's knowledge and reward them with bonuses and access to extra content, points, badges and more. This add-on is included and integrated right into the Course framework so you can easily add quizzes to your courses.


A simple interface to create quizzes to test your student’s knowledge and automatically unlock rewards like points, badges, bonus content and more.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Just like with the Courses Add-on, we've poured over every button click and keystroke to make creating quizzes as quick and simple as possible. No complicated screens or wizards. A clean, simple and quick interface to get your quizzes built fast.

Quiz Actions

Reward students who pass a quiz by automatically giving them access to a new membership level or course, adding points, earning a badge and more. Add multiple actions for both passing and failing a quiz, custom redirects and more.

Results Log

Quickly see quiz results by student or by quiz. See who has passed or failed a quiz. View an individual student and see the quizzes they've completed, passed and failed... and more. A comprehensive view of the quiz results on your course website.

No Coding Required

Build a custom course library that looks and functions exactly how you want without having to hire expensive developers or get your CS degree. We built the Courses Add-on to give you maximum flexibility with minimal effort.

Build a Professional-Looking Course Website

Instead of getting stuck with a course website that screams cookie-cutter, you can build a professional, custom-looking course website -- without hiring a developer or stringing together 17 different plugins.

Point and Click

The meticulously-designed Courses Add-on, Points, Badges, Quizzes, professionally-designed template, integration with the top page-builders, tight integration with WishList Member... it all combines to mean your entire course-building experience is point and click -- ZERO coding required.

Say Bye-Bye to Developers

All this means you don't need to choose between a boring, feature-poor course website OR relying on (and paying expensive fees to) developers to build and maintain your course website. Build the exact site you want -- no coding, developers or expensive fees required.

William Beem

Willam Beem

CEO and Founder

Beta-Tester of the Courses Add-on

I’m a big fan of WishList Member and its philosophy of integrating with the best of breed products & services. However, that never meant WishList Member couldn’t or shouldn’t introduce new features to serve customers. WishList Member Add-ons is an outstanding addition to the core product, providing support for courses, badges and points with more to come. Courses with gamification features are a natural and welcome addition to WishList Member. It’s fast and easy to build a beautiful course framework and I think many people will love the new add-ons.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed​

Try WishList Member Courses Add-on risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not thrilled within 30 days, we’ll refund every penny. No hard feelings.

Ready to Get Started?

Select the appropriate option below to get started.

Already Own WishList Member?

Purchase the standalone Courses Add-on below. Your annual subscription for WishList Member will not change. A new subscription for the Courses Add-on will be created. This option includes the following:

BONUS: Upgrade to a 50-Site License of WishList Member


Renews at $249/year

Brand New Customer?

Purchase the WishList Member + Courses Bundle below to get both WishList Member and the Courses Add-on. A single subscription will be created on your account. This option includes the following:

BONUS: 50-Site License of WishList Member


Renews at $399/year

NO Monthly Fees

Just like WishList Member, the Courses Add-on is a low, annual payment to get access to the latest updates and our dedicated support staff. We're business owners just like you and recognize the importance of keeping costs in check, so we've priced the Courses Add-on affordably so you can run your online business without worrying about a huge monthly fee.

Cancel Anytime

And, of course, you can cancel your subscription to the Courses Add-on at any time. You'll retain access to the plugin, but will no longer receive automatic updates and support -- as is the industry standard for premium WordPress plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WishList Member required?

Yes. The Courses Add-on is an add-on specifically for WishList Member and runs on top of the WishList Member architecture, so you must have WishList Member (version 3.14 or higher) installed and activated to run the Courses add-on. If you don’t already own WishList Member, select the purchase option labeled “Brand New Customer?” above.

What if I already own more than 50 licenses of WishList Member?

The 50-site upgrade of WishList Member bonus, for existing customers, IS an upgrade. If you already own more than 50 licenses, your license count will remain as-is. If you own less than 50, your license count will be bumped up to 50.

Do I have to pay any renewal fee?

Yes. In order to retain access to automatic updates and support for the WishList Member Courses Add-on, you will need to pay the annual renewal fee. A subscription will be created when you purchase and will automatically renew each year until you cancel. You can cancel at any time and will retain access to the plugin. However, you would no longer receive automatic updates and support — as is the industry standard for premium WordPress plugins.

What if I accidentally purchase the wrong option above?

No problem. Simply contact our support desk here: and we’ll get you squared away.

I have an active subscription for WishList Member. What happens if I purchase the Courses Add-on?

WishList Member customers with an active annual Subscription Plan for Updates and Support will see NO change to that current subscription. That subscription will remain in place and a NEW subscription for the Courses Add-on will be created. Therefore, you would have 2 annual subscriptions (1 for WishList Member and 1 for the Courses Add-on) going forward. BOTH subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. You will retain access to the plugins, but will no longer receive automatic updates and support — which is the industry standard for premium WordPress plugins.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try the WishList Member Courses Add-on risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not thrilled within 30 days, we’ll refund every penny. No hard feelings.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription to the Courses Add-on at any time. You’ll retain access to the plugin but no longer receive updates and support — as is the industry standard for premium WordPress plugins.

How do I contact support if I have further questions?

Our dedicated support team can be reached directly by going to: If you have questions about the WishList Member Courses Add-on that aren’t addressed here, feel free to submit a ticket and we will be happy to help.

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