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When you refer your friend, you will receive account credit for the full amount of their purchase. i.e. If they purchase for $199 (after discounts) you will get a $199 credit applied to your account to cover renewals and purchases.

Use the easy form below to send your friend a personalized email referring them to WishList Member. Their information will not be used for any other marketing purposes and they won't receive any other contact from us unless they opt-in by purchasing.


Here's the Email They'll Receive

Subject: Wants You to Know About WishList Member

Hey {your friend's name},

wanted us to reach out to you about WishList Member.

This usually means one of two things…

  1. You have a membership site already and they thought WishList Member would be a better fit… Easier, more powerful, less expensive.
  2. knows you’re wanting to start a membership site and WishList Member being the easiest option out there just makes sense.

Whatever the case, has been using WishList Member for some time now and said that you may be interested, too.

To sweeten the deal, you’ll get $100 off your first year when you signup.

Click here to get your coupon code, watch a short video about WishList, and then signup if it makes sense.

There’s no pressure and we won’t be sending any other emails to you. Just helping out by sending the email for them.

WishList Member Team