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The site showcased here is a LIVE site that is launching it’s live event on August 8-12. You can register for free right here:

For a limited time, you can get a 20% discount on the premium pass using code: WISHLIST


In the first ever video we’ve made showcasing an actual WishList Member website, we take you behind the scenes of Jan Koch’s List Building School virtual summit site.

Jan shares why he made the decision to build on WordPress using WishList Member + CourseCure vs. using SaaS platforms like Kajabi and Teachable.

Hint: it boils down to control and flexibility.

He then walks us through his entire customer journey from when they first opt-in to his completely free summit, the bump offer they receive, and how he has set all of that up using WishList Member and ThriveCart.

In addition to talking about all the technical stuff, plugins, and tools Jan is using, Jan was generous enough to share with us (and you) tons of valuable nuggets from how to book industry experts without prior connections (usually for free), his recommended hosting provider, important tips about setting up email sequences, and so much more.


  • 2:30 – Why Jan chose to build on WordPress and WishList Member vs. Kajabi and Teachable
  • 4:30 – A proven landing page layout for getting virtual summit attendees
  • 5:55 – Jan’s recommended hosting provider for running highly trafficked virtual summits with WishList Member
  • 8:00 – The biggest reason why you should start on the right membership platform vs. moving later (Jan’s personal story)
  • 11:00 – Why it makes sense to give everything away for FREE in your virtual summit
  • 17:45 – How to get industry experts to present at your virtual summit without ANY existing network
  • 27:18 – The behind the scenes/backend look at how Jan structured his virtual summit with WishList Member and CourseCure
"We’ve tried a couple of other membership tools that were part of packages that we’d invested in. But nothing can compare to WishList Member. I know that there’s a lot of cool stuff out there that people have been building over the years. But when it comes to customization, if you use WordPress, you can’t touch this. Obviously, I’m super biased, but we’ve made millions of dollars because of this product."
Tristan Truscott
Satori Method
I have moved [WishList Member] into my top list of options for people. The new WishList Member packs a punch! And the price for WishList Member makes it a fantastic offer.
Chris Lema
WishList Member integrates with the tools I use TODAY. And they’re so eager to integrate with tools that are coming out. It’s amazing how they do it actually. If I was going to be buying a membership plugin, today… for me, I would go with WishList Member.
Adam Preiser

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