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Adam Preiser

WishList Member integrates with the tools I use TODAY. And they’re so eager to integrate with tools that are coming out. It’s amazing how they do it actually. If I was going to be buying a membership plugin, today… for me, I would go with WishList Member.
Chris Lema

Chris Lema

I have moved [WishList Member] into my top list of options for people. The new WishList Member packs a punch! And the price for WishList Member makes it a fantastic offer.

David Risley

David Risley

For MOST of my readers and students who are looking to build membership sites, WishList Member will totally do the job for you and do it very well. [ThriveCart and WishList Member.] That combo right there is very powerful – and is actually going to be more powerful and simpler to use than what I have built here at the Blog Marketing Academy.

Michael Eisenwasser

CTO and Co-Founder
If you are looking to set up memberships with BuddyBoss Platform or BuddyBoss App, WishList Member is a great choice. We have many customers successfully using WishList Member with BuddyBoss to sell memberships and control access to their communities. Wishlist has done a nice job integrating their features with BuddyBoss and we officially support them in our products.
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