by eway

Payment Provider

Eway is a global payment gateway service popular in Austraila and New Zealand, It allows businesses to accept secure credit card payments from customers around the world.

Eway offers membership site owners:

Secure Transactions: Eway emphasizes security with robust encryption and compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). This reassures members that their payment information is protected.

Seamless Checkout Experience: Eway offers a seamless checkout process, reducing friction and potentially increasing conversion rates for new memberships or renewals. It supports a variety of payment methods, catering to a broad user base.

Recurring Payments: Eway facilitates recurring payments for your membership site, allowing for automatic billing of subscription fees, which is essential for maintaining a steady revenue stream and simplifying the user experience.

Global Reach: Eway supports multiple currencies, making it possible for membership sites to accept payments from members worldwide. This global reach can significantly expand the market for the site’s services.

Integration and Compatibility: Eway provides extensive integration options with popular ecommerce platforms, CMSs, and custom-built sites. This flexibility allows for easy implementation regardless of the technology stack the membership site is using.


This integration is developed and maintained by WishList Member We will keep this integration updated to ensure it works as described and is protected against major security concerns.

All paid customers can contact the WishList Member Support team for:

  • Technical questions about the integrations built-in features and functionality
  • Support setting up and implementing the integration
  • Assistance with bugs and issues

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