How to Setup Pay Per Post

In this video you'll learn how to use the Pay Per Post feature in WishList Member. Pay Per Post lets you charge for access to individual posts, pages and custom post types without the need for a membership level. This is a great way to add a “monetization” to an existing, popular blog.

Video Transcription

What Pay Per Post allows you to do, is it allows you to sell individual posts as if they were membership levels. So, instead of having to create a new membership level for these particular posts, you can just turn on the Pay Per Post and you can sell them directly and it creates a kind of a pseudo level for that particular post.

Now you may do that if you have a site where maybe you have a membership site and you have content that goes away, your archived content or something like that, and you want to sell access to those past posts to people, then you can do something like this. Or maybe you have a product download sort of setup where the downloads and everything for them to get access to a particular product is all on one page or post, then you can use this method for giving people access and selling those if you prefer. You can still do the levels, but you can do this as well. So those are some scenarios where you might use this.

But let’s talk about sort of how this works in this area here. Now again, you’ll notice this says ‘No Items Found,’ so we’ll go over to the post edit screen, and this is the same for posts or pages or custom posts types, so it really doesn’t matter in that regard, but you’ll notice down here in the WishList Member section, under ‘Per Post Access,’ you can enable the Pay Per Post functionality for this particular content. We’ll turn ‘Yes’ and then what you’ll see here it says ‘Shopping Cart Integration SKU.’ So this is what we’re saying now instead of having to integrate when you do the integration with WishList Member using a level SKU and integrating the level with a product on your shopping cart, you can now integrate this specific post and use this SKU and integrate it with a product on your shopping cart.

You can also allow free registrations. We can click here to update user access and you can see here, we can turn on whether a particular user has access to this post, so again, we’ve turned on Pay Per Post functionality. It’s going to be protected just like it would if it were a membership level and so now we can give people individual access. We can search and so forth.

Okay, so let’s go ahead and let’s just give this a quick title demo like this and then we’ll publish this post with the Pay Per Post functionality turned on so that we can now come over here and that post is now in our list here. And so if you click on the link here, then it’s going to come into a few settings here which is ‘Enable Pay Per Post for this content,’ so the same settings that we saw over here in terms of enabling it and allowing free registrations, you’re now seeing that over here as well.

And then we go into Notifications, there’s a ‘New Member Registration,’ and ‘Incomplete Registration,’ just like there is for a membership level. So we click these open and you can edit the notification that a new user will get, the admin notification when someone signs up for this Pay Per Post, and then the incomplete registration email as well. So just like levels.

Again, Pay Per Post when you turn it on for a post, you basically created a pseudo level for that particular post so you can sell it directly as opposed to through a membership level. All right, so again that’s what Pay Per Post in this particular setup section is and how they work and the settings that are available inside of WishList Member

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Unlimited Membership Levels

Unlimited Membership Levels

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Total Content Control

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50+ Integrations

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Fast & Friendly Support

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